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NYK1 Prep&Shine

NYK1 Secrets sent me a sample bottle of their best-selling Prep&Shine product to try out. It cleans, sanitises, prepares and dehydrates the nail prior to nail treatments. Typically, this is for gel and acrylic treatments, but it’s apparently good for all types of nail treatments, including nail polish, as it ensures good adhesion. I normally […] Read more

Dark Metal Lacquer Cuticle Oil

Kam from Dark Metal Lacquer very kindly sent me some of her grapefruit scented cuticle oil to try out. I make my own cuticle oil and I have a bottle in the living room and a bottle on my desk in my office, but despite this, I’m always forgetting to use it. But this oil […] Read more

Lotil Original cream for dry skin

I suffer quite badly with eczema and psoriasis. It’s covered most of my body at one time or another since I was twenty-three and had Scarlet Fever. The area it affects moves around every two or three years. Currently, my scalp and hands are mostly affected. My palms are particularly bad, and sometimes they are […] Read more

Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover

I spotted the Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover in Scratch magazine and thought it looked good.  It’s supposedly more gentle on your nails and cuticles, leaving them less prone to dehydration, weakness and cracking. Sounds good to me. My nails are dry, weak and tend to split, peel and crack and I know that […] Read more

Ask a British nail blogger: my nail care routine

We’ve started this as a new feature on the British Nail Bloggers Facebook group I belong to. Basically, once a fortnight (or so), each of us that wants to take part answers some questions on nails or blogging. Then we all link into each others’ posts. So, this is the first feature and is all […] Read more