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Nail HQ All In One | Base Coat Review

For this review of Nail HQ All In One I’ve only been testing the product for a couple of weeks. So I can’t yet say if it lives up to its claims (more of which below), but I can say that I do like it as a base coat.

This is a blue-tinted base coat that is a multi-solution product for weak, soft and brittle nails. It paints on easily and leaves a slightly roughened texture to the nail, which is exactly what you want from a base coat so that the polish will adhere well to it. The blue tint doesn’t show up on the nail at all.

Nail HQ All In One
Nail HQ All In One

All In One is made with acai berry, argan oil and “replenishing mineral complex”. That last bit is marketing speak for “chemicals”. I don’t mean to rubbish the product, but I do get angry about the marketing of health and beauty products, and with manufacturers who insist on making up product ingredients like this. After all, in my day job I am a marketing consultant, and I know how these sorts of product descriptions come about.

Description aside, it is a nice base coat and one that I would definitely use again. Up until now I have been using Beauty UK’s base coat. This is the same price and I think is a superior product, so I fully intend to switch to using this. Nail HQ All In One is available on Amazon for £3.99 (currently) as an add-on item.

So, to those claims. The formula is supposed to help prevent breakages in weak nails by hydrating the nail, strengthening it and helping to promote growth. The argan oil and the mineral complex help provide the moisture balance that is necessary for flexible nails, which in turn prevents brittleness and breakages.

Now I haven’t had any breakages or splits or flaking since I’ve used it. But I have recently changed to a new nail shape, which I think helps with all that anyway. So it’s a little hard for me to objectively evaluate this claim.

You can use this base coat on its own or under nail polish. The instructions say to wear it for 4-5 days and then remove and re-apply.

There is a whole range of nail care products available, including a “plain” base coat, a strengthener, a hardener, a growth formula and cuticle oil. This is the full range :

Nail HQ nail care range
Nail HQ nail care range

I have used the cuticle oil and really like it. I usually make my own cuticle oil, but bought some Nail HQ cuticle oil when I ran out recently. I have just this week finished up the bottle and can definitely recommend this Nail HQ product too. It is odourless, which I like. I am not always keen on the scents in cuticle oil – with the notable exception of Dadi’Oil – I can’t get enough of the smell of that! And the oil contains jojoba oil, which is very close in make-up to the body’s own natural moisturisers.


For this review I’ve used:
  • Base coat: one coat of Nail HQ All In One, under nail polish

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Nail HQ All In One was sent to me for review. All views expressed in this post are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.




PVA glue base coat for easy glitter polish removal

I used PVA glue as a base coat for the first time yesterday. And it certainly gave the right results as far as easy removal of glitter is concerned. But, it did have its drawbacks.

Taking it off was really simple – and very satisfying for a picker like me. It just scraped off easily using my thumbnail. For most nails, it came off in one piece even.

But the very fact that it came off so easily was also one of its pitfalls. By just the next morning – and I only put the manicure on in the late afternoon of the day before – it was already lifting away from the nail on a couple of fingers.

So, my conclusion is that I will definitely use this method again, but only when I want to wear my manicure for a short time – perhaps for parties and special occasions, for example.

PVA glue base coat for easy glitter removal
These are what was left after picking off my glitter manicure from yesterday – made nice and easy by using the PVA glue base coat


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All images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.