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Incoco Very Rosy Nail Strips

Nail wraps were what first got me interested in doing my nails. I tried a few styles and loved the look on my nails, but found that they damaged my nails when I removed them. Not long afterwards, I became completely polish obsessed and I’ve never considered using nail wraps ever again.

But when Incoco asked me if I would like to review some nail polish strips for them, I found myself swiftly changing my mind. You see Incoco nail strips are made of real nail polish. They’re not wraps or stickers. So you can add great nail art without having to wait for polish to dry, and you can remove them again without damaging your nails. They are like nail foils but without the glue; Minx but without a hair dryer; or nail wraps without the stickiness and nail bed damage.

These strips are called Very Rosy. You get 16 strips, so there are plenty to do a whole manicure with – even if you mess up a couple (I managed to mess one up!)

The strips are easy to apply and they can be gently stretched to fit your nail. So strips that are seemingly too small can be made to stretch a little further. Also, because they are made of real nail polish, ones that are too large can be applied, and then you can remove the excess with acetone and a clean up brush.

Incoco Very Rosy nail strips
Incoco Very Rosy nail strips

The strips come with a base coat and top coat already included. One of my nails, my index finger, has a repair currently, so it’s a bit lumpy and bumpy with nail glue and tea bag. Most of the time it’s not obvious because I use base coat, a couple of coats of polish or more, and then top coat. But with this manicure, I was worried that just one layer would make the lumpiness show up horribly. So I applied a base coat to smooth the nail out first. That was a bit of a mistake because I quickly discovered that you can’t remove and replace the strips when you have used a base coat. Without a base coat, if you don’t get them lined up perfectly first time, you can easily gently remove them and try again.

The directions suggest removing the leftover bit of strip with a nail file, but I just sort of pulled them over the tips of my nails and gently pulled them off. Then I made sure that any tiny edge was definitely pushed around or under the nail. That way, I got wrapped tips too, for a longer lasting manicure.

I did however add my own top coat. I just wanted to ensure that the tips were nicely sealed so that the edges of the strips wouldn’t catch on anything. I was a little nervous that I’d get some bubbling or damage, but I was pleased that my top coat (HK Girl) behaved perfectly well with these.

Incoco nail strips (Park Guell)
Incoco nail strips (Park Guell)

I really love these. There are some fabulous designs to choose from, and Incoco now ships internationally, so those of us in the UK can get our hands on them. Including economy delivery, they work out (at today’s exchanges rates) at just a touch over £11 for a pack. That’s more expensive than a bottle of nail polish, but I think they’re great for special occasions, perhaps to match a wedding outfit, or for a Christmas party.


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: Incoco Nail Polish Applique in Very Rosy
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl


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Just to inform you, Incoco is now available in the UK as well. Not the entire range to start with but about 30 designs at the moment.