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H & M Je T’Aime … and a New Year’s Resolution

I have a spreadsheet and mobile phone application that I use to keep track of all my polish. I was updating it today to add the new polishes I’ve received over Christmas and I was looking at how many of each brand I have; how many of each colour; and so on.

I also log which swatch wheel I have that polish on, how much it cost me and whether or not I’ve used it yet (yes, I know, I’m very OCD about my polish!) One thing that struck me is how few of my polishes I have actually used. As of today, I own 180 polishes (not including base and top coats, nail art pens and so on). Of that 180, I have never used 104. That’s more than half. And it’s not something to be proud of.

So a New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to start using those untrieds as much as possible.

I’ve begun today, and am wearing H&M Je T’Aime. It’s a lovely red with gold shimmer, and I wish I’d tried it before now as it would have been perfect as a Christmas manicure! It’s so sparkly that I can’t stop looking at it! It went on well and dried quickly. I’ve used two coats, and that has covered well. Despite adjusting the colour balance and saturation, my photos have come out with it looking more pink than it is. It’s a “proper” red.

H&M Je Taime
H&M Je T’Aime
For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of H&M Je T’Aime
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip



Emma B

I have about the same number of polishes (192 excluding topcoats, bases etc) and I have a spreadsheet, although I don’t have any wheels I am going to get some of those swatching spoons so I can keep fans of all my polishes in colour order….. and only today I was considering adding a column onto the spreadsheet “last worn date” so I could identify which ones I use a lot and which I barely touch and then either use them or clear them out.

Emma B

and sorry I forgot to add that I agree this sparky colour would have been perfect for Christmas, I don’t have any H&M polishes not been into our local town centre for aaaaaages so don’t tend to see them!

Claire Kerr

H&M polishes are such good value – I think this one was only £1.50! And they’re great – I love all the H&M polishes I have (Wine And Dine, Blue Bliss, Deep Deep Water, Antique Gold). Definitely make sure you pop in next time you’re near a shop.

Inky Whiskers

One way to wear your untrieds faster is to use more than one polish at a time. Maybe a contrasting color French tip or other nail art? Your nails look great the way you wear them, please don’t think I’m criticizing your manis! I’m just suggesting a way to justify your collection. I don’t wear less than 2 polishes per mani & easily as many as 5 if I do double dots over a gradient. lol

Claire Kerr

Great idea. I think if I wore my nails plain one day, then I could add something over the top the next. I like stamping, but haven’t had enough practice as yet, so I often get it wrong and end up just removing it all and starting again with something else.

I have loads of dotticures saved to my Pinterest boards, and would love to do some, but I am lame at dotting! I do love a gradient though – and half moons – both would get through the stash at double the rate, eh?!

Inky Whiskers

Yes, it would! Both stamping & dotting take a bit of practice, but that’s just part of the fun. I look forward to seeing some nail art on you this year!