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New Year’s Nails

We’re going to friends tonight for drinks, then coming home for a nice meal (before probably dozing on the sofa to Hootenanny and then being woken by the fireworks at midnight!). And tomorrow we are out for a meal with some other friends.

So I want to do some New Year’s nails, but I’m not sure what to do. I’ve had a look on Pinterest and Google images, but still I’ve not been inspired enough to make a choice.

So instead, I have played about with some swatches.

New Years Nails
Black with silver sparkles or black with sparkly tips?

Left: I’ve layered NYC Rock Muse over Calvin Klein Ebony Hates Chris Black (EHCB).

Right: I’ve used a base of EHCB, added a tip using Nina Silver Slipper, and then added some rhinestones. I like how it looks, but could probably only do that on an accent nail, otherwise it would take too long I think.

New Years Nails
Silver glitter or silver and black half moons?

Left: I’ve simply used Nina Silver Slipper on its own.

Right: this is a half moon using Silver Slipper and EHCB.

New Years Nails
Black with silver stripes or reverse black and silver half moons?

Left: I did a base of Silver Slipper, then used striping tape to add two of the lines near the tip. I then layered over EHCB and removed the tape. I smudged it a bit, so used a silver striper to go over the lines and then got a bit carried away and added some more. I think the execution is poor, so don’t really like how this came out and am not sure I have the patience today to do all my nails like that.

Right: a reverse half moon with Silver Slipper and EHCB.

Then I’ve done three gold nails.

New Years Nails
Plain gold or gold with added gold sequin glitter or gold with red and gold glitter?

Left: Barry M Christmas Gold, with a top coat of Nails Inc Glamour Glitter.

Centre: Barry M Christmas Gold, with two coats of Revlon Sequins.

Right: Barry M Christmas Gold, with a coat of China Glaze Electrify.


My problem now is that I have too many choices and don’t know which ones to choose! What shall I do?


Bundle Monster plates holder

Another of my Christmas presents was the Bundle Monster plate storage zippered wallet.

It’s a portfolio-style case with a vinyl, faux-crocodile textured outer cover and a soft lining.

It has 14 vinyl pages, each of which has 6 slots. Each slot is designed to hold 2 plates – one facing forward and one facing backward – giving a total maximum capacity of 168 plates! The zipper ensures the plates are all kept nicely in place.

I have all three Bundle Monster sets stored, plus the 2012 Cheeky set – a total of 96 plates – and it still has plenty of space left.

Bundle Monster plate organiser
Bundle Monster plate organiser


Barry M Magnetic Blue with stamping

I received the second Bundle Monster set of plates for Christmas (thanks Mum and Dad!) and used them for the first time today.

I stamped over my existing Barry M Magnetic Blue manicure, using Barry M Foil Effects Silver. It really is one of the best polishes I’ve come across so far for stamping (along with Barry M’s Foil Effects Gold and Lilac, of course!)

There are so many lovely designs in the second Bundle Monster set, so I just decided to go from the start and have used an image from the first plate, BM-201.

The overall effect from a distance makes the manicure look as if it’s a pewter colour. I really like it.

Magnetic Blue with BM-201 stamping
Barry M Magnetic Blue, stamped with Barry M Foil Effets Silver using Bundle Monster plate BM-201


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of Barry M Magnetic Blue
  • Intermediate top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip
  • Stamping polish: Barry M Foil Effects Silver
  • Stamping plate: Bundle Monster BM-201
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip


Barry M Magnetic Blue

Merry Christmas!

I’ve worn three manicures since last posting, but haven’t blogged about them. Two of them I didn’t like: L’Oreal Boudoir Rose was too light for winter, and Max Factor Dazzling Blue was green and gold, not blue; and one other I’ve blogged about before: navy blue with a glitter gradient.

So, it’s now the day after Boxing Day and I’ve decided to wear a magnetic polish. I only have a couple of magnetic polishes and I can never seem to get the magnet in the right place or to cover as much of the nail as I would like. I’ve even experimented with other, ordinary  magnets, such as fridge magnets, (most work well, I have to report), but all the same, I don’t like the look the magnet gives as I just can’t get it as perfect as I would like.

But I do love the magnetic polishes, just for the finish and the colours. This is Barry M Magnetic Blue. It comes with a star design magnet, but I haven’t used it here. It’s a sort of metallic denim blue and is really “me”. I’m a big fan of Barry M polishes anyway, and this one looks set to become a bit of a staple for me.

Barry M Magnetic Blue
Barry M Magnetic Blue

What do you think about magnetics? Do you have any? Do you use the magnet or wear them on their own?


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of Barry M Magnetic Blue
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip


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Ciate Magic Carpet over A England Avalon

I bought the fabulous Ciate advent calendar and have thoroughly enjoyed opening it every day in December. On a couple of occasions, my son has asked to open it for me – and we’ve both enjoyed seeing what is behind the door.

I had hoped to wear each new one every day, but from a practical perspective, it just hasn’t been possible. And so, it’s only now that I am even getting around to wearing just the first of them.

I chose to layer Magic Carpet over A England Avalon. Magic Carpet is day 20’s polish. It is a pink glitter in a clear base. The glitters are multi-sized, from small hex glitters down to micro ones. It’s one of the three exclusive glitter shades that Ciate claims “you’ll not find anywhere else, ever”.

Unless you’re happy to do three or four coats, it’s too sheer to use on its own. But it layers wonderfully over a polish in just one thick coat.

Ciate Magic Carpet
Ciate Magic Carpet over A England Avalon
For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of A England Avalon
  • Intermediate top coat: No. 7 Stay Perfect
  • Glitter coat: one coat of Ciate Magic Carpet
  • Top coat: three coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip