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Silver and blue skittlette: L’Oréal Mystic Blue, 2True Christy and zig zags

After all the challenges I’ve been doing, I wanted to do something that was just for me on my nails. And this skittlette – or (everything but the) kitchen sink manicure – fitted the bill just perfectly.

I didn’t design these nails with New Year’s Eve in mind, but with the sparkle of the textured glitter, I think they’d work well. So if they last me until New Year’s Eve, I’ll be pleased.

It’s quite classic in its use of zig zags and glitter (a look first popularised by @Selenadee_nails of Pink You Rock) but I have used a textured glitter and added some stamping.

I love the combination of navy and silver, and I absolutely adore this navy blue. It’s L’Oréal Mystic Blue and it is part of the L’Or Electric Collection, which came out in summer 2012 for the Cannes Film Festival. I bought it recently from Fragrance Direct for a measly £1.30. (And then I bought two more bottles as back ups because it is completely gorgeous). It has a silver shimmer that makes the polish quite metallic-looking. For me, it’s the navy version of Divine Indigo, which is also one of my favourites.

Blue silver skittlette nails L'Oreal Mystic Blue 2True Christy zig zags
Blue and silver skittlette nails with textured glitter and zig zags, using: L’Oreal Mystic Blue, 2True Christy and Barry M Foil Effects Silver

The textured glitter is 2True Christy. I also own the blue (Eva) and the purple (Naomi) from this range, but this is the first one I’ve worn. It would be great used as a full manicure; it’s really sparkly and classy-looking.

For the zig zags, I did a base coat of Barry M Foil Effects Silver, then added some mini zig zag guides and painted over with one coat of Mystic Blue. I bought the guides a while ago from Linda of They are really fantastic and do a brilliant job. Unfortunately, after I had created my most perfect ever zig zag nail, I managed to dink it straight after I’d added the top coat. I had to touch up the blue and the silver at the tip end a little with a brush. I know it looks OK, but I can’t help but grieve a little for my once-perfect nail!  (The perfectionist part of me keeps telling me I should have re-done the nail!)

Finally, for the stamped nail, I used Barry M Foil Effects Silver and Nailz Craze plate NC02, the “magical” plate.


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Navy blue: two coats of L’Oréal Color Riche Mystic Blue
  • Textured glitter: two coats of 2True Christy
  • Zig zag nail: one coat of Barry M Foil Effects Silver, then one coat of L’Oréal Color Riche Mystic Blue over zig zag guides
  • Stamping polish: Barry M Foil Effects Silver
  • Stamping plate: Nailz Craze NC02
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

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Very pretty. I have the Divine Indigo you mentioned and agree it’s a great shade so I may just spring for the Mystic Blue. Just out of curiosity, how long would you personally keep a mani like this on before changing it? Till it starts to show signs of wear or do you get bored before that?

Claire Kerr

It depends really on how much I like it and how it wears. If I love a manicure and it’s lasting OK, I will wear it for perhaps 4 days at most. But I have so many lovely polishes that I want to get through that most of the time, if it’s a plainish manicure or has chipped a little, I’ll only wear it for 1 or 2 days.

I think I mentioned about them lasting because what I originally wanted to do on my nails for NYE was more like my Christmas Challenge NYE nails with the stars made with glitter and home-made stencils. And when I wrote this post up earlier, my new star hole punch had just arrived, so I’m tempted to change this manicure – much as I love it!

Annie Suzie

Gorgeous – Happy New Year!

Claire Kerr

Happy New Year 🙂

Lucy (the Nail Snail)

These are gorgeous, I love the blue and silver colors and the stamped nail looks so magical!

Claire Kerr

Thank you 🙂

Jennifer B

Hi! Found you via The Crumpet’s Blogs to Watch in 2014 and you had me at your “about me” — I too feel like part of my mid-life crisis (I’m on the not-young side of 40) is becoming addicted to nail polish and I can completely relate to what you wrote! I’ve added you to my Bloglovin’ roll and will spend lots of time catching up on your gorgeous blog and manicures. Happy New Year!

Claire Kerr

Thank you (and thanks for the heads up about The Crumpet post – what an honour!) I sometimes get the impression that others think I’m too old to be interested in painting my nails, but I’m happy to disappoint people by behaving very differently from their expectations!

Jennifer B

I too get that impression from some that I might be too old to enjoy nail polish, to the point where I’m maybe a little defensive about it. Though I do own up to the “this is part of my mid-life crisis” aspect of my hobby/obsession, lol! I know the ladies in my extended family weren’t quite sure how to react to my bringing polish with me everywhere, but that seems to have abated after I treated them all to a little mani/pedi day on our lake dock during the family vacation this past summer. Now they say “you’ll be bringing some polish with you, right?” 🙂

Claire Kerr

Funny isn’t it, how disdain quickly turns to a request for a manicure!