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Polish Me Silly Grape Intentions

I was only really just about getting into indie polishes when the Royal Mail started destroying incoming nail polish parcels. At that stage, I think I’d only ordered from abroad once or twice. That was some time ago now, and since then I’ve been ogling lots of gorgeous polishes that I want from the US, Australia, Russia, etc., etc.

But I love thermal polish so much that I caved in and risked buying from abroad. I bought three wonderful thermals from Polish Me Silly (previously Lush Lacquers). Just minutes after I’d placed the order, I mentally wrote it off, just in case it never arrived. But I was ecstatic when it turned up a couple of weeks later, unharmed by the Royal Mail.

The first one to make it to my fingernails is Grape Expectations, a glitter infused jelly that’s purple when cold and bright pink when hot.

I didn’t know whether pink or purple or something in between would be best as undies, so I dispensed with them entirely and instead used 3 thin coats. The polish dried a little matte, but not too rough, so a coat of Gelous and then a coat of my normal top coat smoothed it out to a glass-like shiny finish.

Polish Me Silly Grape Expectations thermal
Polish Me Silly Grape Expectations thermal colour-changing polish

My son and husband are quite taken with thermal polish. As am I. We’ve all had fun watching it change colour as my hands warm up or cool down.  I even had one scenario where my hands were cold, so the polish was purple, but then I was hanging washing over the radiators and because the tips were getting the heat first, they turned pink – so I had purple but with pink tips, which was the opposite effect to what I was typically seeing.

Polish Me Silly Grape Expectations colour changing montage
Polish Me Silly Grape Expectations – pink when hot, purple when cold

I really do think that thermal polishes will be the next big thing on the high street this year. I bet the the mainstream brands already have thermals in testing and are fighting to see the process though as quickly as possible so that they can get to market first. I predict an exciting summer of colour-changing polish.


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: three coats of Polish Me Sily Grape Expectations
  • First top coat: Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat
  • Final top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

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All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.



This is very pretty, I have yet to buy a thermal polish, but I think I might just have to cave in!

Claire Kerr

They’re fab. A few of the UK indies are starting to make them now, so not as difficult to get hold of.


I hope you’re right about the thermals being the new thing. I have loved seeing them pop up and I think maybe for the average consumer (read: not us nail freaks) they make a really easy way to do nail art that stays fresh from minute to minute as you watch it transition!

Claire Kerr

I think the only way it won’t happen is if the retailers or brands think that shelf life is an issue. Most things I’ve read say that the thermal abilities last for around 9 months. That may not be acceptable to some retailers or polish brands.


I just had my first thermal polish, one with the same color change as this, on yesterday and today, and it is truly the most fun nail polish I’ve ever worn =) I had put it on one evening right before bedtime, and saw no change in it, before the next morning when my hands had been warm during the night. It was such a fun surprise early in the morning =) And I had fun seeing the changes happen throughout the day as well, in different conditions. I will have to see what other thermal polishes there’s out there that I will want in my collection =) Thanks for sharing this one!

Claire Kerr

They’re quite addictive, aren’t they?!

Inky Whiskers

Fun, sparkly & thermal? WANT! *grabby paws* I can only hope it looks as good on my shorties as it does on your fab nails. <3


That’s so pretty!

I love colour changing polish too, and can thoroughly recommend the Ferity ones on Amazon. They’re a bit smelly, but topcoat solves that, and they’re dirt cheap and really effective. You can see some of them on my blog if you’re interested.


This is such a gorgeous polish! I think thermal polishes are gonna be really popular this year – especially this one! The transition from pink to purple is so nice! It’s so annoying that Royal Mail destroy the parcels – nail polish isn’t harmful! 🙂