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Multicoloured Floral Nails | Hippie Flower Power Nails | 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

These multicoloured floral nails, reminiscent of “flower power”are for the festivals / hippie travels prompt for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas group.

I wasn’t sure at first what direction to take with this prompt. Admittedly, I was born in the year the term “hippie” became widespread, the year of the Human Be-In and the Summer of Love, but I’m not a festival-goer, and so have no first-hand experience to draw inspiration from.

Multicoloured floral nails : hippie flower power manicure
Multicoloured floral nails : hippie flower power manicure

I’ve done tie-dye nails before, so didn’t want to go that route. Then I thought about stamping some hippie-type images, but I couldn’t find any in my plate collection. (There’s a brilliant Bundle Monster Festival set – plates BM-S301 to BM-320. It has tons of festival and hippie themed images … but I don’t own it!)

So, ultimately, I chose to represent the idea of “flower power” and did some stamping decals.

I chose the brightest, most outlandish nail polish I think I own for the base. It’s L’Oréal Exotic Canaries. I’ve never used this before, even though I bought it about three years ago, but it would be fantastic for a summer holiday. It’s bright and bold, and quite a warm yellow colour. I had to paint four coats to feel happy enough with the opacity, but anyone with shorter nails wouldn’t have to paint so many. I just don’t like to see the free edge through the polish.

Multicoloured floral nails : hippie flower power manicure
Multicoloured floral nails : hippie flower power manicure

I coloured in the flowers with a number of L’Oréal polishes: Sky Fits Heaven (blue), Innocent Green (teal green), Atomic Purple, Exquisite Scarlet (red), Ingenuous Rose (light pink), Shocking Pink (bright pink), Lush Tangerine (orange) and Flashing Lilac (pinky-magenta).

The finished look really reminds me of a much-loved pinafore I wore in the early 70s. The yellow is spot on, and it was adorned with multi-coloured appliquéd flowers very much like these.

We’re in the home stretch now of this year-long challenge – just a few weeks to go. Oh, and I finally caught up!


40 Great Nail Art Ideas 3 #40GNAI


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base colour: four coats of L’Oréal Exotic Canaries
  • Flower colours: L’Oréal Sky Fits Heaven, L’Oréal Innocent Green, L’Oréal Atomic Purple, L’Oréal Exquisite Scarlet, L’Oréal Ingenuous Rose, L’Oréal Shocking Pink, L’Oréal Lush Tangerine, L’Oréal Exotic Canaries and L’Oréal Flashing Lilac
  • Stamping polish: Essence Stamp Me! Black
  • Stamping plate: ÜberChic Beauty 5-03
  • Top coat: Moyra Stamping Polish Top Coat

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.




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Lisa N.

Your colorful flowers are fun!