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Coral Reef Nails | 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

These coral reef nails are for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas group, whose prompt this week is “Things In The Water”.

I decided to use some images from the Bundle Monster Sun Kissed stamping plate collection to create an underwater scene.

Firstly, I painted the gradient background using Barry M Cotton, Barry M Sugar Apple and Barry M Turquoise.

Coral reef nails
Coral reef nails

Then I added various coral reef images. On each nail I stamped a spindly coral using Barry M Almond. Because this isn’t a stamping polish, it’s great for use in the background like this.

Then I added some more coral, using Mundo de Uñas 13 Orange, 42 Holland Blue and Barry M Blood Orange (the red on the index finger) and Barry M Cocoa (medium brown).

I made a couple of decal fish: a clown fish and an angel fish (well, it’s a Moorish Idol to be precise) and also stamped some other shoals of fish on.

Coral reef nails
Coral reef nails

I also added an orange crab but really didn’t like it. It seemed a little comical. Plus, little crabby felt like he’d be more at home at the seaside than crawling around a tropical coral reef. So I was delighted to discover that it came off in one go with my lint roller without disturbing any of the other stamping. Complete result.



40 Great Nail Art Ideas 3 #40GNAI


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Background gradient: Barry M Turquoise, Barry M Sugar Apple and Barry M Cotton
  • Stamping and decal polishes: Barry M Almond (background coral on every nail), Barry M Blood Orange (coral on index), Mundo de Uñas 42 Holland Blue (coral on middle and shoal of fish on ring), Barry M Cocoa (coral on ring) Mundo de Uñas 13 Orange (coral on little, clown fish), Mundo de Uñas 46 Mustard (shoal of fish on little, angel fish), Barry M Cotton (clown fish), Nella Milano Raven Wing (clown fish and angel fish)
  • Stamping plate: Bundle Monster BM-501, Bundle Monster BM-502, Bundle Monster BM-504 and Bundle Monster BM-510
  • Top coat: Moyra Stamping Polish Top Coat

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.
Nella Milano Raven Wing was previously sent to me for review. All views expressed in this post are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.




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Lisa N.

Amazing coral reef nails these are. The details in it is awesome.

Enigmatic Rambles

These are gorgeous, the details are great 🙂