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33DC Roundup

So, I’ve just completed my first ever challenge: the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 33 Day Challenge.

I am really pleased that I managed to keep up with it. I’m not really one for swatching my nails and then scheduling posts. I’ve always just posted what I’m currently wearing on my nails. So this was the first time that I did some of the challenges in advance. But – apart from one – I never did any manicures more than a few days early, and most of the time I did them the day before or on the day. But I always managed to post my manicure in time, which at the beginning of all this, I never thought would be possible.

It was really enjoyable and very good for me as it pushed me to try a little harder. I’ve had tons of manicures pinned that I want to try out, and this challenge actually made me do a lot of them for once.

Here are all my challenge manicures. If you want to know more about any of them, such as the polishes or techniques I used, click on the image and you’ll be taken to the original post.

Multi coloured dots nails
1 Dots
Red black and silver fishtail nails IG
2 Your most used
33DC Day 2 tape mani purple blue silver stripes IG
3 Tape mani
Tribal nails
4 Tribal
Dotted red and green nails using Barry M
5 Mexican
Textured nails using Barry M and Seventten
6 Texture
NYC West Village navy glequins W7 Mosaic nails
7 Oldest untried
Chevron nails
8 Chevrons
Indian nails A England Perceval IG
9 Indian
Barry M Mango dotted flowers
10 Flowers
Mermaid nails
11 3D
Messy flowers manicure
12 Pattern in your home
Chinese nails
13 Chinese
L'Oreal Amazon Flower stamped white Konad M64 IG
14 Abstract
Roobarb Custard nails
15 Animals
South America Copacabana Promenade nails
16 South America
Braided nails using Barry M polishes
17 Your favourite brand
Flowers and stripes nails
18 Featuring two patterns
Mr Candiipants flowers nails
19 Follow someone’s tutorial
Black and white polka dots nails
20 Pattern in your wardrobe
Paris Eiffel Tower and hearts stamping manicure
21 Europe
Orange red purple gradient with white stripes nails
22 Three colour gradient + pattern
Pinwheel nails Stephen Fry's tie
23 Geometric
Chanel Magic blue splatter nails
24 Colour you own the most of
Maybelline Berry Fusion and Sally Hansen Mousseline needle drag nails IG
25 New technique
OPI Oktoberfest Deutsch flower accent nails IG
26 Something from Pinterest
Cashmere Bathrobe grey black white skittle manicure IG
27 A mani with 3 patterns
Tartan nails
28 Lines
Collection 2000 Vogue Minx pink blue gradient nails
29 Your favourite pattern
Multi-coloured half moon studs nails
30 Same pattern, different colours
Barry M Fuchsia Turquoise Blackberry watermarble nails
31 Your three favourite polishes
Barry M Watermelon SpaRitual Delight green squares nails IG
32 Shapes
LOreal Midnight Mistress white dots nails IG
33 Recreate someone else’s mani

I think my favourites are the dots (day 1), the stripes and flowers (day 18), and my splatter manicure (day 24).

How about you?


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Some of these polishes were sent to me for review. All views expressed in the relevant posts are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.