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Pink Gellac Dynamic Pink

I’ve been trying out some Pink Gellac gel polishes, including this one, Pink Gellac Dynamic Pink.

I’ve heard of the brand before – and I remember a US blogger who has always highly rated them. But I hadn’t really seen them in the UK, so they sort of passed me by. But I wish I’d paid a bit more attention because this brand has THE SHINIEST GEL TOP COAT I HAVE EVER USED. Sorry for shouting, but it needed to be done!

I liked the polishes. They come in generously sized bottles of 15ml and painted on nicely. I have the gel polish starter kit, which comes with an LED lamp, base coat, top coat, nail file, wood stick and a few cleaner wipes and remover pads.

Pink Gellac Dynamic Pink
Pink Gellac Dynamic Pink

But I didn’t use the lamp. My one came with a 2-pin plug – that you’d use with a shaver plug adaptor. But for some reason I couldn’t find our adaptor when I needed it. we only have one (I don’t know why) and I think someone had whisked it away to charge a toothbrush or something. It has since returned – but too late!

I have to say that the top coat is awesome. It’s a no-wipe top coat – which in itself is always a boon – no wiping = less time to complete a manicure. But it is insanely shiny. I have never come across such a shiny top coat – whether regular nail polish or gel. I love it.

Pink Gellac Dynamic Pink
Pink Gellac Dynamic Pink

The starter kit with one colour – this one, Dynamic Pink – is £49.50 and can be bought online from the Pink Gellac UK website. There are also 138 other colours to choose from (currently) and they’re £10 each at the moment.

Pink Gellac starter kit
Pink Gellac starter kit

This is a great starter kit for anyone who wants a good quality gel polish with a fantastic shiny top coat.


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Pink Gellac Dynamic Pink
  • Gel top coat: Pink Gellac Ultra Shine

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