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Nella Milano Grey Goose

Nella Milano Grey Goose is the colour of the week and the special offer polish on the Nella Milano website.

It’s part of the Misty Morning collection, a collection of five white, black and grey polishes.

It’s quite a light grey creme. It’s not a particularly summery shade, but with the British weather as it is, it matches the prevailing sky perfectly! Well, in London it does. I expect the rest of the country is basking in sunshine or something!

Nella Milano Grey Goose
Nella Milano Grey Goose

I used three coats for a very-nearly-fully opaque look. A fourth coat would have been completely opaque, but three was fine. Three or four coats may sound outrageous to you if you’re used to doing just one or two, but Nella Milano polishes dry in a flash, so adding another coat just as you’ve finished the first is no problem at all. I always prefer to do more thin coats, than fewer thick coats. It makes a manicure look neater.

Nella Milano Grey Goose
Nella Milano Grey Goose

For 20% off all polish on the Nella Milano website, use the code Kerrspecial. Grey Goose is on sale at the moment, for £4.47. Or even less with the additional 20% discount code.




For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: three coats of Nella Milano Grey Goose
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

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