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Freehand daisies over an orange-red base

I painted some nails to match a top of mine, which has an orange-red background, with daisies all over it. I didn’t do all my nails, and I didn’t even attempt my right hand, but these came out pretty well, I thought, and certainly looked very matchy-matchy with my top. I used a base of […] Read more

Glitter placement: muti-coloured neon dots

I haven’t had time in the past couple of weeks to do my nails with anything more than plain colours. I’ve been busy with work, and my husband also had gastric flu for five days, which meant I was nurse-maiding quite a bit. I also got it, but only for 24 hours, about which I’m […] Read more

Shimmer Karen with purple zigzags

I meant for this manicure to have more than just a ring finger accent. I was going to do both the centre nails plus my thumbs with the zigzags, but I was really busy at the weekend and I just didn’t have the time. So, it’ll have to stay as just a one fingernail accent, […] Read more