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Using the untrieds

As of today, I have 139 untried polishes.

On average, I wear 3 manicures a week.

139 divided by 3 gives 46 (ish).

There are about 44 weeks of 2013 left.

So … I have enough polish to last me until the middle of January 2014.

That’s ridiculous.

I have to stop buying polish. I am going on a no-buy (the Lent thing didn’t really last!)

I am going to try to use (at least a good proportion of) my untrieds before buying any more polish.

Kerruticles' untried polishes
My untrieds


Yes, I know there are 133 in the photo – 5 are at Boots waiting to be collected – and I must have misplaced one somewhere along the way <wails>!



I love the fact you have clearly anticipated for someone to count all the polishes in the picture and point this out to you!
I’ve also banned myself for the time being because I can’t afford to keep buying new ones as long as I am unemployed. Quite how long this resolve (I’ve been very good since the start of Feb!) will last once I have wages I don’t know…
Best of luck!

Claire Kerr

I’m just anal and I wanted to count them to see if I had them all 🙂 I’ve now found the missing polish. China Glaze Luxe And Lush had sneaked into the Helmer without permission!


I’m right there with you, Claire! My plan is to start a no buy starting in March as there is a restock at Llarowe coming up on the 28th that I hope to grab a few to cross off my wishlist as an early birthday gift to myself. After that, I need to STOP! Please, no sales, no blog sales, no nothing…I must get this under control!

Inky Whiskers

Remember Dahling…if you use more than one polish per mani you’ll get thru your untrieds faster. 2 color minimum! <3

Claire Kerr

I need to do some more kitchen sinks then! Could use three or even four per manicure then!


Hi Claire. Stumbled across your blog a while back, hope you don’t mind my jumping in and commenting.

I too have tons of polishes that I haven’t yet worn for whatever the reason. I’m not even gonna try to count them up.

As for buying more, I’m on a self imposed spending hiatus. I’ve got way too much product between polishes and embellishments to be spending more on a color that is similar to what I’ve already got. (Believe that one?)

I’m with Inky Whiskers, multiple polishes per mani will get this monkey off your back sooner. 🙂

Claire Kerr

Of course I don’t mind – I love getting comments. Especially when they’re from other polish junkies – it justifies my habit 😀


Ouch, I’m an enabler! hahaha

Inky Whiskers

Yes, you do! lol Ombres also use 4-5 polishes, gradients 2-4 & dots/stripes have no maxiumum limit.


I need to do this too! I’ve got so many polishes from Christmas that I haven’t tried yet, let alone the ones that have been in my stash. Now I’m wondering how many I have…

Claire Kerr

Go on … count them!