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White with Black Swirly Floral Stamping | Inspired by a Movie | Twinsie Tuesday

I have some white with black floral stamping nails today, for the Twinsie Tuesday prompt, which is to create something inspired by your favourite movie.

I can’t quite decide what my favourite movie is. I have a top five, in no particular order: La Vita é Bella/Life Is Beautiful, The Shawshank Redemption, The Italian Job (original version), The Life of Brian and Cinema Paradiso. But I just couldn’t find anything from them to be inspired by. So I went a bit further down my list. One of my top 10 movies would be Rear Window, the Hitchcock film starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

Black and white swirly floral stamping, inspired by Grace Kelly's dress in Rear Window
Black and white swirly floral stamping, inspired by Grace Kelly’s dress in Rear Window

In one scene, Grace Kelly’s character comes round to visit while her boyfriend is laid up with a broken leg. She wears an exquisite dress. It’s quite over the top bearing in mind all she seems to be doing is visiting her boyfriend for the evening. It has a fitted black bodice, then a full, mid-calf, white chiffon and tulle skirt. The skirt has small black floral accents coming down from the waistband.

Black and white swirly floral stamping, inspired by Grace Kelly's dress in Rear Window
Black and white swirly floral stamping, inspired by Grace Kelly’s dress in Rear Window

I haven’t captured the exact look of the dress’s trim. I couldn’t find a good enough stamping plate to match the dress. But this look is very much inspired by the dress, and beautiful Grace Kelly.


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For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Nella Milano Chantilly Cream
  • Stamping polish: Konad Black
  • Stamping plate: ÜberChic Beauty 3-01
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.
Nella Milano Chantilly Cream, as shown in this post, was sent to me for review. All views expressed in this post are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.






I loved that dress!

Claire Kerr

So gorgeous, isn’t it?!

Sharon (BehindGreenEyes)

That dress is beautiful, as was Grace. I have to admit I’ve never seen the film but you captured the trim perfectly!

Claire Kerr

It is a stunning dress. I would have preferred something closer to the original, but as an “inspired by” it’s just about good enough.

Lisa N.

Your swirly floral design is so clean and crisp.

Claire Kerr

Thanks Lisa 🙂


Wow! I opened my email to see your mani and then just stared for quite a while in admiration. So elegant! I’m glad you included the link to your inspiration…that was fun. Such a beautiful dress. You made me laugh with your comment about not having a particular reason to wear such a gorgeous dress other than visiting the boyfriend. I guess when you’re Grace Kelly, that IS the reason to dress so amazingly. 🙂 Great mani!

Claire Kerr

Can you imagine going round to visit someone mid-week after work dressed like that now? I’d love to have the nerve (and Grace Kelly’s looks!)

Amanda Alexander

Beautiful!! Your stamping looks great!

Claire Kerr

Thank you Amanda 🙂

Sarah T

This is absolutely lovely!

Claire Kerr

Thanks Sarah <3


Beautifully chic, just like Grace Kelly!

Claire Kerr

Thanks Amanda. She was incredibly chic, and her character was too in Rear Window.


These are gorgeous!! That stamp is great!

Claire Kerr

Thank you Marisa 🙂


This is so elegant! Fantastic job! I haven’t seen Rear Window in years but as soon as I saw your mani, I could see that dress in my mind instantly–Grace was so beautiful in it.

Claire Kerr

Thank you Chelsea 🙂


This is absolutely gorgeous!! Love it!

Claire Kerr

Thanks Marisa 🙂


I haven’t seen that movie but I love the way this came out 🙂 the black swirls are really elegant


Absolutely, Claire…makes me want to watch Rear Window again. I had a hunch and turned out I was right. I just looked up Rear Window on IMDb and, sure enough, the costumes were made by the incomparable Edith Head ( She came to my attention when I was a teenager (not sure if I’ve told you I was a theatre geek…which includes movies and TV; even have my B.A. in Theatre Arts) because of the GORGEOUS outfits I saw in so many black and white movies. And, you’re right, Grace Kelly is really the only person I can think of who could still pull off wearing that dress even today to just visit her laid-up boyfriend in the afternoon. No wonder she became an actual princess. 🙂

Nail Art in Wonderland

I haven’t watched the movie but this nail art is excellent ^^