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Green, Blue and White Tartan | 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

For the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas group, the theme is children’s TV. I’m honouring Great Uncle Bulgaria from The Wombles with these green, blue and white tartan nails.

Orinoco was my favourite Womble really, but he just wears a big, floppy hat and a red scarf. Great Uncle Bulgaria, on the other hand, has a tartan hat and shawl – far easier to recreate on my nails!

Now my memory isn’t so great, so I couldn’t recall what colour his tartan was and had to search. Doing so resulted in green, blue and white. But it was only after painting them that I actually looked at any video. It seems that the blue, green and white is the colour used in the later 1990s series. Originally, it seems, from the video I can find at least, that it was green and black (or dark green).

Green, blue white tartan
Green, blue and white tartan

I would have preferred to honour the Great Uncle Bulgaria that I remember, but in fairness, I prefer the colours of this manicure, so I’ll just ignore my mistake.

The base is two coats of Barry M Spring Green, over which I stamped using two different designs from the Moyra Fabric Texture plate (plate 2). I used Moyra stamping polish SP.05 (blue) and then Essence Stamp Me! White. I also used the Moyra clear stamper to place the images as straight as I could.

It’s not the most accomplished stamping I’ve ever done. But I love the look and definitely want to do more of this in other colours.

Green, blue white tartan
Green, blue and white tartan

I’m most pleased with the index finger as it also has a vertical white stripe, which I didn’t manage to get onto any of the other nails.

For those of you nostalgic for the 1970s, here’s “Great Uncle Bulgaria’s Keep Fit Lesson”:


40 Great Nail Art Ideas 2 #40GNAI



For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Barry M Spring Green
  • Stamping polishes: Moyra Stamping Polish SP.05 (blue) and Essence Stamp Me! White
  • Stamping plate: Moyra Fabric Texture (plate 2)
  • Top coat: Moyra Stamping Polish Top Coat

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.
The Moyra top coat and Moyra stamper mentioned in this post were sent to me for review. All views expressed in this post are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.




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Lisa N.

These look great. I like the green, blue, and white color scheme too.


That is truly fab, I’m trying to figure out how you did it . . .

Claire Kerr

Thanks Annie. I painted the green base first, then stamped the navy, then stamped the white. The images for the navy and the white are very slightly different.


Aha! Brilliant thank you.

Sharon M

I LOVE PLAID!! And tartan?!?! The BEST!! LOVE, LOVE it!! I think blue, green and white is Black Watch?? It looks fantastic! The 3-color mix is perfect.

Catherine Dream

These are exactly my colours, so pretty 🙂


Hi Claire, these are so crisp and fresh! You’ve inspired me to try to increase my skill level at stamping. I do have a clear stamper that will surely help with more complicated placement designs such as this!

Claire Kerr

That’s great to hear. It’s only practice. Look back at my pictures from a few years ago and you’ll soon see how much improvement is possible with a bit of practice!