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Essie Bikini So Teeny

I really couldn’t work out if this polish is blue or lilac. Most blogs describe it as blue, and it does look blue in the daylight. But in the evening and in low light, it looks more lilac.

Anyway, I’ve decided it’s probably blue.  A cornflower blue with a very fine shimmer that is just about visible on the photo, but wasn’t visible on the nail at all.

A weird thing happened when I was finishing off this manicure. My top coat changed the colour of the polish. I top coated my right hand (no pictures) first with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (the one in the red bottle) and it darkened the polish colour.  I top coated one nail with Seche Vite and it didn’t seem to change the colour quite so much, so I used that on my left hand.  But it did still change the colour, and any areas that had a thicker coat of top coat were darker still. I’ve never had this happen before; it was really strange.

Essie Bikini So Teeny
Essie Bikini So Teeny


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Essie Bikini So Teeny
  • Top coat: Seche Vite

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I haven’t revisited my bottle yet. it had terrible formula and ended up so thick I removed it straight away. It’s a lovely colour though.

Claire Kerr

It’s a really strange one, because I had wanted it for so long, then was a little unimpressed when it arrived, and then the issue with the top coat has put me off it.


This is definitely my favourite Essie blue!!
I agree with you on the blue/lilac issue, I used to think of this as a cornflower blue polish, but when I swatched it with a very lilac polish, they looked so similar!!

Claire Kerr

I agree that it’s a lovely colour. I’ll need to try it with some other top coats though, because it didn’t look the best once top coat was added.


Thank god I found this post! I used this polish for the first time yesterday, and I applied 1 coat of ESSIE’S own “good to go” topcoat(!!!!) and today it was a completely different color! So applied a coat on top of all my nails and another coat of topcoat on my pinky only, and there’s a major difference! So I’m not going to topcoat the other nails because the color is much more even and pretty without all the darkening and patching going on…

Claire Kerr

It’s weird, isn’t it?! I haven’t ever experienced it with any other polish.


It does the same thing to me when I use the Sally Hansen topcoat. So I figured I should take an other topcoat, but it also discolors when I use INM out the door. 😔 It just tends to separate much more than other Essie nail polishes. 🙁 I even brought my first bottle back to the store and got a new one, but the problem also occurred with the new bottle. It’s a shame, because it’s such a beautiful color!
(I hope my English is ok, because it isn’t my first language.)

Claire Kerr

Your English is perfect, Milou 🙂

It’s a shame that it does this, because I now don’t wear it, because I can’t remember what colour it will be!


Well thank you!

I tried to fix it this evening by applying one extra coat of color on top of the topcoat. It worked pretty well, although you miss the shine of the topcoat. But at least there’s no discoloring anymore. 🙂