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Chanel Sunrise Trip with Studs | Twinsie Tuesday

This is Chanel Sunrise Trip with studs for Twinsie Tuesday, the prompt for which is studs or embellishments this week.

Sunrise Trip is a gorgeous colour. It is a jelly polish in a deep purple, almost indigo colour. It is the first “Nail Gloss” that Chanel has launched, and is distinct from their “Nail Colour” range. The nail gloss colour is a gel-like formula, presumably akin to OPI Infinite Shine or Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I can’t vouch for the wear though as I have only just put it on.

Chanel Sunrise Trip with studs
Chanel Sunrise Trip with studs

While the colour is stunning, I didn’t much like the formula as it pooled in my cuticles. It did level out nicely though, and two coats were just enough to still be able to see a jelly effect but not too much visible nail line.

The worst thing about this polish though is that the brush is just dreadful. It is more useless than one you’d find on a cheap market stall polish. I don’t know what they have done, but I am pretty sure that Chanel has changed its brush supplier. The last few Chanel polishes that I have bought – Vibrato, Fortissimo, Rouge Noir (new), Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir and now Sunrise Trip – all have ropey brushes.

I used to love the slim Chanel brushes, but these new ones are thicker, with more bristles, and the individual bristles don’t lay very straight, making the brush flare out at the bottom. Not only is this completely inconsistent with a top notch brand such as Chanel, it makes it very difficult to paint your nails nicely!

Chanel Sunrise Trip with studs
Chanel Sunrise Trip with studs

I added a domed round stud and a long triangle stud – both from Bundle Monster – to each nail to complete what I think is a classy look.

I am very disappointed that Chanel still hasn’t sorted its brushes out, but I have (begrudgingly) been willing to overlook it recently because the colours are so nice. However, I will stop buying Chanel polishes if they can’t provide a good quality brush.


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For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Chanel Sunrise Trip
  • Studs: Bundle Monster studs
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.
The studs shown in this post were sent to me for review. All views expressed in this post are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.





Lisa N.

I love how you placed the two nail studs here!

Inky Whiskers

It is indeed a gorgeous color, but I agree with you about the brushes. When paying that much for a polish, one should be able to expect a quality brush to apply it with as well as a quality polish in the bottle.

Claire Kerr

It’s such a shame – I’m very disappointed and hope they sort it out, otherwise my obsession with Chanels will certainly diminish.


I’ve always wanted to try Chanel polish but wasn’t sure if I could justify the price. Now I’m kind of sad I never tried it before they changed the brush :'( the colour is gorgeous though and I love the placement of your studs!

Claire Kerr

Some of the current polishes still have the older brushes, if they are ones that were released a while ago. But I guess they will all have these nasty brushes eventually. It is a such a shame, especially when so many people – me included – used to say how special they were *because* of the lovely brushes.

Sarah T

I love the way you used both circle and triangle studs! Such a shame about the Chanel brush…


When I buy a high ended polish it must be perfect, don’t you think?

Claire Kerr

Absolutely, which is why it is so very disappointing.


The polish is beautiful but not having a perfect brush in that price range is awful. I really like the essence brushes and considering their price tag of £1.60 that is pretty good. I am glad I haven’t bought a Chanel polish yet but I would expect perfection when eeking out my spending limit of about £12 per bottle.

Claire Kerr

I couldn’t agree more. I think Chanel may just have become too complacent. I believe that Chanel is the most-sold polish brand in the UK. With such a high market share, their complacence may cause them to think they can change things like this. But I wonder if it will backfire eventually. If it were a brand I was responsible for (I’m in marketing), there’s no way I would have changed a feature that was so highly regarded, such as their brushes were.