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Morgan Taylor The Great Ice-Scape Collection

I have the whole Morgan Taylor The Great Ice-Scape collection to show you today. It comprises six polishes for Winter 2016. There are two blues, a nude, a mauve, a pink and a copper shimmer. They are such gorgeous colours. As ever, I have been surprised by a couple of Morgan Taylor polishes. The ones […] Read more

Morgan Taylor Perfect Landing | Sweetheart Squadron Collection

Here’s another polish from the Sweetheart Squadron collection. This is Morgan Taylor Perfect Landing. It’s a coral creme. It’s darker than Up In The Air-Heart, but has the same sort of tone. I think they’d look good gradiented together. This is another fabulous colour. It’s quite muted and understated for a coral, but I think […] Read more

Mardi Gras nails

I bet you wonder why I’m posting some Mardi Gras nails in December! We don’t even celebrate Mardi Gras in the UK. (Well, we have Pancake Day, but that’s about the closest we get). My son’s school holds a charity fundraising ball every year, and I’m on the committee that helps to organise it. This […] Read more