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Chanel Coup de Coeur

I really love Chanel polishes. They’re very much a luxury at £18 each, but the formula is always perfect and anyway, I tend to receive them as gifts.

Coup De Coeur is no exception. My husband bought it for me on my birthday back in February. We were staying away for a few days, and I spotted it while we were out shopping in Cambridge. I didn’t even know it had been released.

Coup De Coeur comes from the Spring 2014 collection, Variation. It’s the only polish in the collection. It’s fairly hard to describe the colour. It’s a lovely berry shade, so perhaps mulberry or cranberry would be right. It’s a bit like Chanel April, but deeper and more pink. Chanel calls it a plum.

I thought coup de coeur meant love at first sight, but I’m wrong. Instead, it means something a little less strong than that, but still pertains to something that you really love. Perhaps in English we’d say captured my heart. And that’s good enough for me; that’s certainly how I feel about this beautiful shade.

Chanel Coup De Coeur
Chanel Coup De Coeur



For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Chanel Coup De Coeur
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

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Hello Claire,

I who am so good at English (…) I am going to express you my enlightened opinion. As usual, there is no equivalent in English. The closest expression in English would be to have a crush on.
It is rather for something than for somebody that we use this expression. A coup de cœur is an emotion which we feel immediately by seeing this thing. Which is in an instant and which can evolve towards a definitive feeling.
For example, for a long time you love Chanel polishes and, in the Spring 2014 Collection, you had a crush on Coup de Cœur. Maybe that it will become a polish that you will love all your life, maybe that it will last only the time of the spring.
Coup de cœur is an expression very used in the french women’s magazines : coup de cœur of the month, the week for a polish, a lipstick, a novel, … I think that you use in the Anglo-Saxon women’s magazines the term favorite.
So, if Coup de Cœur captured your heart, I think it’s stronger. Ah ! l’amour !
Voilà ! Wouah ! I am exhausted having so much reflected. Who said that to speak about polish was pointless ?


Claire Kerr

Merci beaucoup Claire (quel grand nom!) pour votre explication. (J’espère que mon français est/soit (??) bien).


I also find that Claire is a very beautiful first name. The most beautiful in fact. No, I’m kidding, but, anyway it’s not at all a common one.

Chanel polishes were the first that I wore. They will ever after keep a special place in my heart and my life’s true love is Dragon, the most gorgeous red of all times.

Votre Français est very bien. Thank you infinitely for your answer in my mother tongue.

And for the pleasure :


Manda @ Fledgling Nails

I have yet to try out any Chanel polishes, but one day I will probably take the plunge and splurge on one… or two… or three..or…. I’ve heard only amazing things about the formulas and colors. If there were one Chanel polish you would recommend, which would it be?

I really like this color. It has a sort of dusky hue to it that fascinates me

Claire Kerr

I own just 12 Chanels, so I’m hardly an expert. I think I’d say that if you want a Chanel, choose your very favourite colour and buy one in that. I don’t think you’d be disappointed. I have Blue Boy, a favourite blue, Frenzy, a gorgeous nude/beige, Lilis , a fab coral, etc., etc. It’s hard to recommend just one, the formulas really are that great so just go with a colour you love.