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A England Perceval

I came home yesterday from a day’s training (I run one-day marketing courses in London) to find a package waiting for me. For a moment, I couldn’t recall having ordered anything, so I ripped it open to discover five new A England polishes! Oh yes, now I remember. [Ooops, must stop ordering polish! Bank balance is suffering badly.]

These are my first A England polishes. I hadn’t heard of the brand before starting to read nail blogs,  but everyone seemed to rate them highly and I just love the colours. It helped of course that there was an offer (one for £6, two for £10).

This is Perceval, a “splendid and resplendent” red. It’s shiny and metallic and it went on so smoothly that for these photos I have only used one coat and no top coat. Although I did add a top coat afterwards to ensure longer wear.

Click on the images for larger versions.

For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: one coat of A England Perceval
  • Top coat: none



LOVING this! Once I have done the xmas challenge i will be attempting this. Emphasis on the “attempt”. Its so pretty, and neat!


wrong post hahaha