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33DC Day 8: Chevrons

I’ve not done chevron nails before, but I do love to create taped nails, so this prompt for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 33 Day Challenge was a good one for me.

It wasn’t quite so easy to pick out some colours. I knew I wanted to do three sections, with the chevron pointing towards my finger tip. But apart from that, I couldn’t decide on colours. I have some wonderful blues that would go well together, but I’ve done quite a few blue manicures recently, so I decided to force myself to do something pink.

I finally found three colours that I thought complemented each other, and started off with a base of Ciaté Cutie Pie. It’s a lovely baby pink colour but it’s streaky as anything and really sheer. It took four coats and even then I wouldn’t have worn that as a plain manicure as the tips were still showing through it.

But, I was covering the tips up anyway, so it didn’t matter. I added some chevron-shaped French tip guides in the middle of the nail and painted on my other two colours – both China Glaze polishes: Purr-fect Plum and Fifth Avenue – before slowly removing the tip guides.

I’m really pleased with how they look, and I’ve had lots of compliments about them, even from strangers in shops.

33DC Chevron nails China Glaze Purr-fect Plum Fifth Avenue Ciate Cutie Pie
Day 8: Chevron nails – using China Glaze Purr-fect Plum, Ciaté Cutie Pie and China Glaze Fifth Avenue

I’m very pedantic about grammar and the English language. So apart from feeling the urge to add and remove apostrophes on grocers’ signs (see what I did there?), I’m also very fussy about calling nail art by its correct name. You’ll find me tutting loudly to myself when someone describes a gradient manicure as an ombre, for example.

The pedant in me is wondering how many zig-zag manicures we’ll see today 😉

Crumpet's Nail Tarts 33DC


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base colour: four coats of Ciaté Cutie Pie
  • Colours either side of the chevron tape: China Glaze Fifth Avenue and China Glaze Purr-fect Plum
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl


Have a look at what everyone else doing the challenge has come up with:

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PK Glam-madam

Lovely colours and beautiful chevrons. Must smile at grammar and chevrons. Was thinking the same: lots of zigzags, herringbones and triangles!

Inky Whiskers

Don’t you just love it when strangers like your nails? <3

15 zig zag manis listed so far! I have the same reaction to the word blurple. Blurple is not a color. The word people are looking for is Blue Violet. I do believe I'm losing this battle. LOL

Claire Kerr

<Runs off to check website for possible use of the word blurple> 😉

Phew, not guilty!



Nail Polish Society

Your taping is so precise! I think it’s funny that we had the same issue with a light pink base color. I did a couple different designs on my nails because I knew there would be some people out there claiming it’s a zig-zag and not a chevron. My argument is that a zig-zag is considered a chevron anywhere else. Perhaps in the nail art dictionary it is more specific to a single zoomed-in zig or zag? Thoughts?

Claire Kerr

I will concede that a zig-zag is lots of chevrons put together, how about that?! 😉

Delphi Michaels

Oh, my, gosh. I just found your nail blog. I live in the U.S. (California) and am straight, but as soon as I read, “You’ll find me tutting loudly to myself when someone describes a gradient manicure as an ombre, for example,” I thought, “I want to marry her!” I’m not sure I tut (loudly or otherwise) but I’m forever thinking, “No, no! That’s an ombré, not a gradient!”

BTW, the way I found your nail blog was by seeing your Chevrons mani on Pinterest. I will admit at this point that I don’t care much for geometric designs. But I loved the combination of your polish colors so I quickly pinned your mani to one of my secret boards with the note, “Find out polish colors.” Then I curiously went to investigate the board it was pinned from which was your own Pinterest page. I web surf with the best of them so I went from there to your blog. After looking through several of your designs, I signed up for email notification about future posts on your blog.

Beautiful manis! Lovely nail art. Delphi

Claire Kerr

Ah, thank you Delphi. What a lovely message! 🙂

And I’m pleased I’m not the only one who is so pedantic about these things.

Inky Whiskers

You’re fine! I’ve had to learn to not let what other people do bother me, unless it directly affects me. Just reading a peeve isn’t enough to set me off anymore. LOL