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Dark Metal Lacquer Cuticle Oil

Kam from Dark Metal Lacquer very kindly sent me some of her grapefruit scented cuticle oil to try out.

I make my own cuticle oil and I have a bottle in the living room and a bottle on my desk in my office, but despite this, I’m always forgetting to use it. But this oil from Dark Metal Lacquer comes in a pen dispenser and has been an absolute godsend. I’ve left it in the car and have been applying it at traffic lights and in jams (there are lots of those in London). I can’t use the other cuticle oils that I own in the car; I’m sure I’d spill the open bottle all down me. But this little click pen is much more convenient. You simply remove the cap and click the base clockwise, which dispenses a small amount of oil onto the brush. It’s easy then to swipe the brush around the edge of the cuticle.

I really adore the grapefruit scent. I don’t like to eat the fruit itself, but I do love the smell (and have been known to demolish grapefruit flavour sweets). There are other scents available too: coconut, lemon, vanilla, rose and almond.

Dark Metal Lacquer grapefruit cuticle oil
Dark Metal Lacquer grapefruit cuticle oil

I’ve been using it for about ten days now. I’ve used it every single day, and I put that down to the handy format that it comes in. Ultimately, this means that my cuticles are in much better shape. Before, I would frequently forget to use cuticle oil, even though I have bottles stashed where I *can* easily use them. I think having this in a format I can use in the car is the real benefit. There’s not much else to distract you in the car when you’re stopped in traffic, so it’s become second nature for me to apply some oil.

I also love that the pen is refillable, meaning I can replenish the oil when it runs out. Kam’s oil contains jojoba oil, which my own does, and which I rate very highly for nails and cuticles. She’s also put in rice bran oil, grapeseed oil and tea tree essential oil. The oil costs just £4 and can bought from the Dark Metal Lacquer shop.

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Lovely, I do like a nice pen dispenser!