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A England Lady Of Shalott

I have been quite remiss about using my A England polishes. I own ten of them, but have only worn three for a full manicure before. Even my much wanted Galahad still remains untried, despite me having bought it back in January.

I have used A England Lady Of Shalott before, but only as part of a braided accent nail. I’ve not worn it on its own before today.

It’s a gorgeous dark navy polish, with a blue shimmer. The shimmer is very visible in the bottle, but is pretty much hidden on the nail unless viewed in sunshine. And that’s when this polish is at its most glorious, as the sun makes it sparkle and glint with a gem-like sapphire blue.

A England Lady of Shalott
A England Lady of Shalott

I used two coats, and then one top coat. The top coat, despite being Seche Vite, still left the manicure feeling very slightly rough to the touch – must be all those gorgeous shimmery particles – so I added a second coat of top coat the next day (and before I took these photos).


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of A England Lady Of Shalott
  • Top coat: Seche Vite – two coats

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