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FingerFood’s Theme Weeks: Cute: Japanese Kawaii Animals

For the cute theme in the FingerFood’s Theme Weeks challenge I have always been intending to do these nails.

These are Japanese kawaii animals (kawaii means cute). Think Hello Kitty and Pikachu and you’re there.

I couldn’t find any references for four characters I loved, so I mixed and matched some ideas I saw on various items, like miso soup bowls, phone covers and the like.

The details were dotted and hand painted using a very fine, cut down detailing brush.

The duck’s base is George Buttercup Shine, which took four coats before I was happy.

The bases for the other animals took just two coats: the white for the rabbit is Sinful Colors Snow Me White; the pink for the pig is W7 Baby Pink; and the grey for the cat is Sally Hansen Ion.

Japanese Kawaii cute animals
Japanese Kawaii animal nails
FingerFood's Theme Weeks

Here are the manicures from everyone else that is participating:

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For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Index finger (duck): four coats of George Buttercup Shine; Essie Orange It’s Obvious
  • Middle finger (rabbit): Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Ring finger (pig): W7 Baby Pink
  • Little finger (cat): Sally Hansen Ion
  • Other details: W7 Black and Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

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All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.







So adorable!


I can’t get over how cute this is!!! Well done


These are so cute! I love them! 🙂


omg, so cute. love it!!!!


This is too cute ! Love it !


It seems quite recently I’ve seen in many blogs a phrase similar to the one you used in this post: “very fine, cut down detailing brush.” Would you consider doing a tutorial on how to go about cutting down a detailing brush? What brush do you start with? What scissors (or tweezers?) do you use to cut it? Do you only cut out the bristles or do you also trim the bristles to achieve a certain shape at the tip? Thank you, Delphi

Claire Kerr

HI Delphi. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time at the moment to do a tutorial. Basically, all I did was cut out some of the bristles from an already fairly fine detailing brush. I didn’t cut the length at all. I used cuticle nippers, but you could easily use scissors.

I’ve had a quick look around and MrCandiipants has a good video tutorial – and what she does in this (I only watched about half of it) is basically what I did too:


awh this is super cute I love the cute faces of the different animals 🙂 xx


Aww these are super cute!


These are absolutely adorable, Claire!!! I so love kawaii and anime stuff – you did an awesome job! I think I’ve melted 😀


Awwh, this is adorable. I love your nail art, the lines are always so clean!

The Sparkle Queen

Super cute! I can’t decide if I like the ducky or piggy better, they are all so sweet!

Claire Kerr

The duck’s my fave. Although he (she?) and the cat look a bit miserable to me!


These are so adorable!! I love the design because it is cute but also looks fairly simple. Like instead of having to draw the entire animal and the details and such. I absolutely love this manicure. Fantastic job!! Super Kawaii


These are so adorable, think the duck is my favourite though it was hard to pick x


Thank you, Claire! That was very kind of you to research my question. Much appreciated, Delphi

Sam @ FingerFood

Super kawaii! Love the ducky too 🙂

Manda @ Fledgling Nails

Kawaiiii!!! <3 めっちゃ可愛い

These are ridiculously cute… and definitely fit the "kawaii" aesthetic ^_~ I really love the shade of yellow that you used for the duck. I just can't seem to find any yellows in stores that I actually like