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Chanel Frenzy

My husband and son bought me Frenzy for Christmas, but this is its first time seeing the light of day.

As with all Chanel polishes I have tried, the formula is lovely and easy to use. It’s sheer but still just glides on the nail, without any pooling at the cuticles.

I had to use three coats to get it this opaque, and if I hold up my hand, I can still see light coming through a few patches. So perhaps I should have gone with four coats. But the tiny amount of visible nail line doesn’t bother me.

I wore this colour because I had a business meeting with a potential new client, and I didn’t know how they would take my Union Jack nails!

The colour is very pale, but not quite as pale as my skin, so I’m not sure if these qualify as “mannequin nails” or not. My son didn’t think I had any polish on at first, so perhaps they do!

Chanel Frenzy
Chanel Frenzy


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: three coats of Chanel Frenzy
  • Top coat: Seche Vite

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