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Christmas Challenge 2013 Day 4: Christmas traditions

Today is all about Christmas traditions for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Christmas Winter Challenge.

There was so much I could have taken as inspiration for this prompt: Christmas trees, decorations, Christmas jumpers, mistletoe, gifts … the list could go on tenfold.

I decided to go with holly. I love holly. I love the wonderfully shaped leaves with their prickly spines, and the contrast of red berries against the dark green foliage. It is a traditional Christmas decoration and when I was younger, it was always my (probably self-appointed) role to go and cut a sprig of holly from the bush in the garden, for placing on the Christmas pudding.

I’ve used Seventeen Celestial Pearl as a shimmery, golden-ivory base. Sadly my photos don’t pick up the magical sparkle of Celestial Pearl.

Then I stamped using Revlon Emerald and Bundle Monster plate BM-14. First off I did holly all over the ring finger, as an accent, but it looked far too busy, so I re-did it. The berries are simply dotted on using Revlon Red.

Holly stamped nails over Seventeen Celestial Pearl
Christmas Winter Challenge 2013 Day 4: Christmas Traditions – holly stamped nails using Revlon Emerald and Revlon Red over Seventeen Celestial Pearl

These look fabulous in natural light. The subtle gold sparkle of Celestial Pearl gives it a really elegant look. Such a shame about my photos. I think I need to buy another light to add to my photography set-up, so that my sparkly and holographic polishes can be photographed more accurately. Any suggestions? What do other bloggers do?

Crumpets Nail Tarts Christmas Winter Challenge 2013

Here’s the other manicures from today’s prompt:

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For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base colour: two coats of Seventeen Celestial Pearl
  • Stamping polish:Revlon Emerald
  • Stamping plate: Bundle Monster BM-14
  • Dotting: Revlon Red
  • Top coat: none

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Inky Whiskers

Very classy…me likey!

Claire Kerr

Thank you 🙂


This is gorgeous!! I love the colours! In fact, I’m crazy over these three colours for Christmas this year!

As for photography aspects, I might do a macro shot just to give a closer look to the polish/nail art (there are easy diy macro ‘lens’ around the web, you may want to look into that if you don’t already have one). Erm.. I’ve seen others who uses underwater shots to capture multichromes. Perhaps, it might work for this one too? 🙂

Claire Kerr

My photos are pretty close up anyway, seeing as the macro setting on my camera won’t go in any closer than this. And a decent DSLR macro lens is about £400, so I won’t be getting one of those any time soon! I do have an adaptor that allows you to reverse your lens, and that works to give a macro shot, but it’s a bit of a faff to do it, so I rarely bother.

But I think it’s the lighting aspect rather than getting close up. I might try adding in an ordinary table lamp and see how it goes.


Lovely manicure! The base color is gorgeous and the stamping is so delicate…you could wear it at the office, well, maybe 🙂

If you find a setting/lamp that works please let us know! I share your frustration regarding “camera shy” polishes, I also can’t get my Zoya pixie dust’s to photograph all their shiny details…or holo’s, duochrome…and the list goes on. A decent macro lens is also out of my budget.


Claire Kerr

Gracias 🙂

I’m going to try adding in some “normal” light to my set-up and see how that goes.