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Blue Daisies Stamping using Bundle Monster BM-XL05

Here’s a blue daisies stamping manicure using one of the new extra large plates from Bundle Monster. BM-XL05 is one of the extra large plates released by Bundle Monster in February of this year. They’re not new images, but are old ones – the most popular ones apparently – resized as XL images. That’s great […] Read more

Freehand daisies over an orange-red base

I painted some nails to match a top of mine, which has an orange-red background, with daisies all over it. I didn’t do all my nails, and I didn’t even attempt my right hand, but these came out pretty well, I thought, and certainly looked very matchy-matchy with my top. I used a base of […] Read more

White and pink daisies

Sally Hansen The Sky’s The Limit, which has been on my nails since Wednesday, is very close in colour to the background of a pretty floral top I have. Inspired by that, I decided to try to recreate the pattern (somewhat) on my nails. I used my Barry M White Nail Art Pen for the […] Read more