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Ask a British Nail Blogger: what’s your oldest polish?

This fortnight’s question for the British Nail Bloggers is “What’s your oldest polish?”

I wasn’t entirely sure which is my oldest polish, but I have narrowed it down to three. Each of them was bought way before my nail polish obsession started. I only really began painting my nails about a year ago. During the fifteen years before that, from age 30-45, I had a few nail polishes, which I used very occasionally, but mostly for my toenails. I don’t really remember having polish when I was a child or a teenager. I was really quite a tomboy and makeup and nail polish didn’t interest me at all.

In my twenties though, I went to a few work dinner dances and balls, and that’s when I bought a few nail polishes. I bought them to match outfits. I recall a blue ball gown that I wore with a paler blue wrap. I think that’s where the two blue polishes hail from. The shimmery ivory colour though – I have no idea. I’ve not worn the darker blue much, as it’s nearly full, but the other two are more than half empty.

Ask British Nail Blogger my oldest polish
Oil of Olay Waterfall, unnamed Maybelline Colorama, Maybelline New Year’s Blues

Maybelline New Year’s Blues – I’m not sure how old this is, but it is described online by many as a “vintage” polish. It’s a deep blue with turquoise shimmery particles. It’s a lovely colour, but really chokes you when you apply it because it’s full of nasties.

Oil of Olay Waterfall – Oil Of Olay don’t even make polish any more, at least not in the UK, so this is an oldie too. Waterfall is a pale silvery blue that also smells strongly of what are probably carcinogenic chemicals.

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Maybelline Colorama – I think this is probably the oldest of the three. It doesn’t have a name or number, unless it’s come off over the years, so I’d love to know what it is called. I’ve searched online and there seem to be similar colours still available. It’s an ivory white colour with a pearlescent finish.

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Ask a British Nail Blogger: what are your most wanted polishes?

Every fortnight, members of the British Nail Bloggers Facebook group all post about the same subject, and this week we’re discussing our most wanted nail polishes.

I’ve pretty much spent the past seven months buying all the polish I want. My obsession began back in August 2012, and since then I have amassed 258 bottles of polish.

So in talking about my most wanted polishes, I’m rather lucky in that I have mostly already bought them or had them bought for me.

I’ve stopped buying at the rate I was now though – the bank balance wasn’t coping well! So there are still a few polishes that elude me …

Chanel Taboo

My most lusted-for polish isn’t even out yet in the UK. It’s Chanel Taboo, and is from Chanel’s Spring Summer 2013 collection, Révélation de Chanel, which launches in the UK on 28th June 2013. So I have a long time to wait for this one! However, knowing my (poor) luck in getting hold of previous Chanel polishes, I need to come up with a new strategy to ensure I get it.



Chanel Malice

In the meantime, I shall continue to look out for Chanel Malice. It was a limited edition polish for Christmas 2012, but I couldn’t get it anywhere! At one point, I had it in my basket in Debenhams online, and even checked out and paid for it, but surprise surprise, a few days later I got an email to say it was out of stock. I can get it on eBay, but I’m not sure I trust whether what I receive will be a genuine Chanel product.



KBShimmer Snow Way

Another polish I really wanted, and thought was finally coming my way, was KBShimmer Snow Way. I was saying on my Facbeook page how much I loved it, but that I couldn’t get it without paying a fortune in postage. A friend really kindly arranged for one of his US contacts to get it for me, but it never arrived, so I’m not sure what happened there. And it’s discontinued now 🙁


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What are your most wanted polishes?

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[EDIT – 16th May 2013: I got Taboo from Bond Street on 22nd April; then I got Malice from the Chanel Pop Up Store in Covent Garden today, thanks to a comment from a reader; and Snow Way is on its way to me too, from a blog sale 🙂 ]

Ask a British nail blogger: my nail care routine

We’ve started this as a new feature on the British Nail Bloggers Facebook group I belong to. Basically, once a fortnight (or so), each of us that wants to take part answers some questions on nails or blogging. Then we all link into each others’ posts.

So, this is the first feature and is all about our nail care routines.

My routine is pretty straightforward. These are some of the products I use:

Nail care routine
The products I use for my nail care routine

When I change my manicure midweek, I don’t typically have time to do much more than remove my polish and have a quick tidy up of my nails with a file it they need them, then put on a new polish.I use pure acetone – which I decant into one of these empty pump bottles (1). I bought this bottle from a local Sally store for £4.99 and it’s great. You just flip open the lid, then with a lint-free wipe (2) you push down on the dispenser and it wets the pad. It’s great because it only needs one hand and there’s no worry about knocking hte bottle over and spilling harmful acetone all over the place.

If my nails need tidying up, I use my glass nail file (3) – also from Sallys (I bought a lot of the staples there when I first got into doing my nails).

I make sure to use cuticle oil as much as I can. This oil (4) came from Sally’s too. I can’t quite describe the smell – but I love it. I also have some jojoba oil into which I’ve put some drops of essential oil. It’s supposed to be better absorbed by the skin, but I haven’t used it long enough yet to know if it’s better. And I prefer the smell of this. I keep it on my desk and put a drop on each nail a couple of times a day, sometimes leaving it, and sometimes rubbing it into my nails and fingertips.

A couple of times a week when I remember, usually in the evenings when I’m watching TV, I’ll rub in some Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (5). It smells lovely and lemony.

Once a week, at the weekend, when I have more time, I spend a bit more time on my nails, perhaps filing them and removing the cuticles. I use Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover (6), which I bought in Superdrug. You put it around the edges of the cuticles, then leave for a few minutes before scraping off the cuticle, and pushing them back a bit with an orange stick (7). These ones came from Boots, but you can get them everywhere: in chemists, online and pound shops.

That’s pretty much what I typically do for my nails – except when I break one – but maybe that will be another article for another day!

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