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Neon Gradient Skittle

The neon fad kind of passed me by until very recently. I had a few neon polishes, but hadn’t ever worn them. And then I saw a bight, highlighter yellow polish by Jess in Poundland and had to have a range of neon colours immediately!

I bought a green, orange and pink in Claire’s Accessories, and recalled that I already had a blue neon.

So I was set to create a rainbow (ish) gradient look.

After painting a base of white, I sponged on my gradients. The yellow (Jess Sherbet Fizz), orange (Claire’s Stormy Day) and pink (Claire’s Rave) are proper neon colours; bright and fluorescent.

The green (Claire’s Pinball) is described on the bottle as “Neon Fluorescent”, but it absolutely is not neon at all. And the blue is worse. It’s Nails Inc Kensington Park Road, which is labelled on the bottle as a neon, but again just isn’t.

To complete the circular range of colours, my thumbs are blue at the cuticle end and pink at the tips.

My camera couldn’t capture the brightness of the neon, and I tried to photograph them with the help of an ultra violet emulator phone app, but that wasn’t very successful either. So you’ll just have to use your imagination about how bright these are.

Neon rainbow gradient skittle
Neon rainbow gradient skittle nails


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base colour: two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Pink: Claire’s Rave
  • Orange: Claire’s Stormy Day
  • Yellow: Jess Sherbet Fizz
  • Green: Claire’s Pinball
  • Blue: Nails Inc Kensington Park Road
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.



Glitter gradient with Revlon Bewitching and Claire’s Beige Glitter

I had some pretty bad tip wear on my nails and wanted to cover it up rather than do a whole new manicure, so I thought I’d do a glitter gradient.

I’ve used a gold glitter from Claire’s. Now Claire’s don’t put the names of their polishes on their bottles – which really bugs me. But I’ve worked out that when you buy the polish, the name – or an abbreviation of it – is on the receipt. This apparently is Beige Glitter. There’s not much that’s beige about it though. To me it’s a pale gold, or a brass colour.

It has medium brass hexes, smaller brass glitters and teeny tiny, rarely spotted red particles. The combination with the deep raspberry of Bewitching gives it a real Yuletide feel – Christmas in spring!

Glitter gradient Revlon Bewitching and Claire's Beige Glitter Gold
Glitter gradient using Revlon Bewitching and Claire’s Beige Glitter

Didn’t manage to cover up all of that tip wear, either!


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Revlon Bewitching
  • Intermediate top coat: Seche Vite
  • Glitter: Claire’s Beige Glitter
  • Top coat: No. 7 Stay Perfect

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All images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.


Kitchen Sink Saturday … er make that Monday: blue

I didn’t manage to get around to doing a kitchen sink manicure last Saturday. So here’s it is now … a couple of days late.

I was already wearing Chanel Blue Boy, and had added the leopard spots accent nail. But as I wasn’t entirely happy with the leopard nail, I went over the inside of the spots with a lighter blue (Revlon Dreamer) and then also had to re-do the outlines too. The lighter colour makes it stand out a little more, but it still could be executed better.

Blue kitchen sink manicure
Blue “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” manicure, using Chanel Blue Boy as the common base

For the other nails, I dotted on some flowers, did a half moon, added some glitter and did a saran wrap / cling film manicure.

The glitter is Claire’s Teal Holographic. I haven’t used this before, and it’s a shame it’s snowy and dull today, because in sunlight (or even with overhead lights) this sparkles a full rainbow of colours. I can’t wait to wear this more when Britain starts to get some sun again.

The half moon and the cling film manicure are lovely, but my favourite is the dotted flowers. At some stage I must do these on all my nails. They aren’t perfect, but it’s only my second time trying them, so hopefully they will improve with practice.

Details of the polishes used for each nail are below.


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base: two coats of Chanel Blue Boy
  • Thumb: dotted flowers using China Glaze White On White and Beauty UK Bon Bon
  • Index: half moon using Barry M Foil Effects Silver
  • Middle: glitter nail using Claire’s Teal Holographic
  • Ring: taped silver diagonal using Barry M Foil Effects Silver; stamped leopards using Calvin Klein Ebony Hates Chris-Black and Cheeky plate CH1; filled in with Revlon Dreamer and outlined with the same black
  • Little: saran wrap / cling film manicure using Revlon Dreamer
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip