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Bundle Monster Night Fall | Thermal Colour-Changing Gel Polish

This beauty is Bundle Monster Night Fall, a thermal, colour-changing gel polish. It’s quite thick, as with all Bundle Monster gel polishes that I have used – so it needs a little care when applying. But it’s not hard to apply, it just requires more attention at the cuticle and along the sides to get […] Read more

Laquerdaisical Purple Phase

I have another Laquerdaisical polish on today. This is Purple Phase, a thermal, colour-changing polish that goes from blue/grey when warm to dark purple when cold. The formula was again quite thick, and tended to drag if you went over the same spot, so I had to ensure I did the manicure carefully.  Some thinner […] Read more

Polish Me Silly Grape Intentions

I was only really just about getting into indie polishes when the Royal Mail started destroying incoming nail polish parcels. At that stage, I think I’d only ordered from abroad once or twice. That was some time ago now, and since then I’ve been ogling lots of gorgeous polishes that I want from the US, […] Read more