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Wiki’d Nails Challenge Hub Page


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Welcome to the Wiki’d Nails challenge hub page.

This is a ten-week challenge, running from May to July 2015. We take our inspiration for our nail art from articles on Wikipedia.

We post every Thursday, and these are the manicures created. You can also view all of the nails tagged with the Instagram #WIKINAILS tag.


Week 1: Tattoo | 21st May 2015

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Week 2: The Water Babies | 28th May 2015

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Week 3: Tesla | 4th June 2015

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Week 4: Bridge | 11th June 2015

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Week 5: Random Wikipedia Article | 18th June 2015

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Week 6: Deinocheirus | 25th June 2015

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Week 7: Midas | 9th July 2015

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Week 8: Salicylic acid | 2nd July 2015

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Week 9: Random Wikipedia Article | 16th July 2105

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Week 10: Horror Icon | 23rd July 2015

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