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UK Indie Polish Makers

This is a list of UK indie nail polish makers. Click on the brand name for its website or shop.

They are listed in the (approximate) order in which they opened. If you know of any other UK indie polish makers, or if any of my information needs amending, please get in touch.

Brand Social media Run by Comments
A England twitter Adina Bodana
Tara’s Talons twitter Tara Clapperton Additional shop
Nelly Polish Hilary Tunley
Dragonglass Nail Polish twitter Georgia Grainger
Hairy Legs London twitter Sanita Berzina
Chubby Owl Polish Jemma Hart
Fat Puss Polish Jess Riley
WRKNails twitter Rebecca Johnson
Luv Polish Lacquers twitter Lisa Drb
POW Nails twitter Fiona Holder
Lacquerdaisical Alexia Sells on Facebook
R&R Lacquers twitter Rachael Craven & Becca Ferry Launched Jan 31st 2014
Baby Jane Polish Bethany Short Launched 1st Feb 2014
Freckles Polish twitter Julieann Byrne Launches March 2014
Stellar Polishes Ruth Knall Sells via Facebook
Flash Nails Nicola Shearing
Freaky Styley Geraldine Carruthers
Goose Alexandra (Ajax) Stefani
Pretty Quirky Morven
CaraBella Lacquer twitter Cara Prewitt
Wonderful And Strange Sara Pollock
Dark Metal Lacquer Kam
Violet Rose
Little Lost Ones twitter Ria Sof Opened April 2014
Tender Loving Canines Sally Read

These indie polish makers used to sell in the UK, but have now closed:

Brand Social media Run by Comments
Iconic Effect Kelly Sim Temporarily closed Jan 2014
Pocket Money
twitter Charlie Smith Closed 26th Jan 2014
Nail Lacquer UK twitter AJ Closed 31st Jan 2014
Magic Goose
(Additional shop)
Emma Greenwood Temporarily closed Jan 2014
Indy’s Indies twitter Danielle Lee Temporarily closed Feb 2014
SJPolish Sarah-Jayne Powell Closed late Jan 2014
Belle Glamour Catriona Drysdale Closed March 2014
Sarah Smiles twitter Sarah Clarke March to May 2014
Quirk twitter Kerrie Black Closed June 2014
Nails Inspire Polish Kim Marie Stephenson Closed June 2014