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Red Carpet Manicure Beach Queen

This gorgeous bright neon pink is Beach Queen from Red Carpet Manicure.

This is my first time using Red Carpet Manicure and I loved the polish and everything about the system. Red Carpet Manicure was apparently the first to launch an at-home gel manicure system.

Beach Queen is from the Fiji Fever collection, launched for summer 2017. It is a collection of neon polishes – always perfect for summer.

Red Carpet Manicure Beach Queen
Red Carpet Manicure Beach Queen

Beach Queen is described as a purple, but seems more like a pink to me. It’s a bright fuchsia colour. There is a pink in the Fiji Fever collection – Shake Your Beach Bum – which is a bit lighter than this. But to me, Beach Queen is definitely a bright pink.

The gel polish applied brilliantly. I’m used to gels being quite thick, but these are the thinnest gels I’ve used. And I just loved how they went on. I can see Red Carpet Manicure becoming my favourite gel brand.

The instructions recommend two coats over white – to bring out the neon at its best – but I couldn’t find my white polish at the time, so I painted three coats instead.

Red Carpet Manicure Beach Queen
Red Carpet Manicure Beach Queen

My camera can’t easily pick up the brightness of the polish, and certainly can’t manage to show the neon. But I guarantee you it glows.

Now, just one word of caution with gels. I’m qualified to use gels, so have been trained and I understand the issues and problems that there can be with them. But, that doesn’t stop me recommending an at-home system, and this one is brilliant. But, I would just recommend that you:

  • thoroughly shake the polish before use
  • are very careful not to get any gel polish on your skin – if you do, clean it off immediately
  • prep the nail well before applying the polish, removing all traces of cuticle
  • only apply very thin layers
  • follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely
  • use only the lamp made for the system

The two biggest problems with gels, which can cause allergic reactions further down the line – and sometimes, tragically, the inability to wear any type of nail polish – are getting gel on the skin, and not curing it properly. Not curing it properly is due to not using the right lamp. I would always recommend using the manufacturer’s lamp. So it’s sensible to stick to just one or two brands of gel. Red Carpet Manicure sell a great starter pack – Gel Polish Pro Kit – that includes an LED lamp, all the prep materials, base coat, top coat, a red polish, cleanser and even a cuticle oil for £89.95 that I would thoroughly recommend.



For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base coat: Red Carpet Manicure Structure
  • Colour: three coats of Red Carpet Manicure Beach Queen
  • Top Coat: Red Carpet Manicure Brilliance

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Lisa N.

Really nice bold color this is.