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Pink and Cream Roses | Reverse Stamping | Moyra Florality 1 Plate

I did some reverse stamping using a new stamping plate from Moyra, and created these pink and cream roses.

Moyra is a relatively unknown brand in the UK at the moment. Their polishes were being sold in the UK via someone on a Facebook group about a year or more ago, but I don’t think it lasted very long and I hadn’t seen any talk about Moyra for ages, until fairly recently.

That was when I saw a review of Moyra stamping plates by an Italian blogger I follow. I was really interested in getting hold of the plates, but no-one here sold them. After asking Moyra’s head office in Hungary where I could buy some, they very generously sent me some items.

Pink and cream roses. Stamping decals made with Moyra Florality 1 (plate 6).
Pink and cream roses. Stamping decals made with Moyra Florality 1 (plate 6).

I am absolutely in love with the plates and now want all of them! I understand that two places in the UK will be stocking them soon: Nail Artisan and Rainbow Connection. (If you’re in Ireland, there is already a Moyra stockist).

There are 16 stamping plates, all of which are the same size as the ÜberChic Beauty plates. Those of you with long nails will love these plates as the images are longer and wider than Bundle Monster XL, MoYou XL and Born Pretty BPL plate images. The images on the Florality 1 plate measure 2.0 cm wide by 2.5 cm tall. They also come in a coloured cardboard cover, with a different design for each plate, making them nice and easy to find in your stash of plates!

Moyra also produces stamping polish. I haven’t tried it with this manicure, but will try it out and review it soon.

Pink and cream roses. Stamping decals made with Moyra Florality 1 (plate 6).
Pink and cream roses. Stamping decals made with Moyra Florality 1 (plate 6).

For this manicure, I painted a base of Revlon Vintage Rose and then used Konad Black to stamp a roses image from Moyra Florality 1 (Moyra Plate 6). I used the reverse stamping technique and filled the image in with OPI My Vampire Is Buff. I left the filled-in image on the stamper to dry, then I added top coat onto my nail and left it to dry until it was just slightly tacky. Then I stamped straight onto the nail. This method gives me the most success. If I stamp, fill in, top coat and then remove from the stamper when dry, when I transfer the image to my nail, I get bubbling and smearing problems. This way gives the best results by far.

I did manage to lose the bottom corner of the image for my middle finger though, so I just painted a little more cream polish over that to disguise my mess up!




For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base colour: two coats of Revlon Vintage Rose
  • Roses colour: OPI My Vampire Is Buff
  • Stamping polish: Konad Black
  • Stamping plate: Moyra Florality 1 (Moyra Plate 06)
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.
Moyra Florality 1 stamping plate was sent to me for review. All views expressed in this post are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.





Lisa N.

How very pretty! The decals you created look wonderful.


These roses look stunning! I will definitely keep a look-out for these plates. I actually got some Moyra polishes in my stash and the silver holo is great (and it was pretty cheap)!

Brethil Ebontree

So lovely, and I have to try out your reverse stamping technique sometime!

I also found a webshop in Belgium for Moyra products that ships to NL and Luxembourg as well:

Sharon M

Oh my GOSH! It is absolutely lovely! You did a beautiful job! I had to go check out their plates and love many of them. So I just wrote to them hoping they send to the USA!

Catherine Dream

Oh yes, this is BRILLIANT. Love MVIB on red!