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Orange and White Stamping | My Job | 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

This week the theme for 40 Great Nail Art Ideas is my job, and I have some orange and white, rather eclectic stamping.

I’m not enjoying the themes very much. They always immediately prompt me to need to do something freehand, which is not my forte. I need my lines to look straight and my colours to be solid; I can’t be doing with my sub-standard freehand!

Orange and white stamping
Orange and white stamping using CICI & SISI 06 and 20

I’ll explain my manicure. I’m a freelance marketing consultant. I work for four clients on an ongoing basis, and if I have time, I sometimes take on ad hoc projects as well.

My marketing role involves pretty much everything, from strategy and planning, right through to the execution of marketing campaigns and activities. Most of what I do involves communication (marketing communications, or marcomms), so the little finger nail shows some speech bubbles (CICI&SISI 06).

I also write a lot – website copy, email campaigns, social media statuses, blog posts, brochures, press releases and more. So the middle finger shows “lorem ipsum” from CICI&SISI 20. When designers create documents and don’t yet have the text to add to it, they used filler text, and the most commonly used set of text starts with “lorem ipsum”.  (There are also some brilliant nonsense lorem ipsums, and you can get themed ones too. I recently used a Star Wars one – Forcem Ipsum – for a brochure I did!)

Orange and white stamping
Orange and white stamping using CICI & SISI 06 and 20

Finally, my other two fingers represent my two largest clients. The ring finger has some travel images on it (CICI&SISI 20) as one of my clients is a global business providing on-board entertainment and digital communications apps for travel operators.

My index finger has some balloons (CICI&SISI 20) on it to denote another client that has “balloon” it its company name.

So, there you have it. It’s all rather eclectic and not a very coherent manicure. But it fits the brief, n’est-ce pas?



40 Great Nail Art Ideas #40GNAI



For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Barry M Block Orange
  • Stamping polish: Konad White
  • Stamping plates: CICI&SISI 06 and CICI&SISI 20
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.




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Dina Ramse

I like the crisp lines of this manicure, and think all the elements are coming together very nicely. Great look. You pulled it off very well.


Wonderful mani! I was instantly intrigued and it was nice to hear what your job is about. I get the feeling you love what you do. I’m impressed you managed to get both real French and fake Latin into one post. I had no idea there are themed lorem ipsums…I can’t wait to follow your link to see some…that’s bloody brilliant! (See, for a second there you couldn’t even tell I wasn’t from your neck of the woods, huh?) I commiserate with a lack of freelance skills. There is a book that just came out written by four of the more well known nail art bloggers. I think they’re all USA…not sure. It’s called Pretty Hands and Sweet Feet and it’s a step-by-step tutorial for several freehand manis. I bought it off Amazon and plan to use it to improve, somewhat, my freehand skills which are lacking, to put it kindly. The Sweet Feet part is a small section where they had someone does pedicures translate some of their designs for toes. Just a thought, if you’re able to get it. Again, love the mani! Have a great day!

Claire Kerr

Ha ha – I’m impressed with your British vernacular! Yes, I know that book. One of the bloggers at least is British (Sammy Tremlin of The Nailasaurus). I’ve just entered her giveaway to win a copy!

Lisa N.

The stamping is so perfect! I like how clean and crisp everything is.


I love this mani and you did a fab job getting across what you do. I knew you were in marketing but now know so much more, that’s why I do love these prompts 🙂


I love your lorem ipsum. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator and knew exactly what it was when I saw it. Great manis by-the-way!

Claire Kerr

Thanks Buffie 🙂