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Lady Queen Nail Pops

I recently got some nail pops from Lady Queen, and they’re perfect for my gel nail polishes.

If you’re unsure what they are, nail pops are plastic rings with a nail on them, which you can polish and clip onto your polish bottle lids. Most regular nail polish comes in clear glass bottles, so it’s very easy to identify what the colours are. But with gel polishes, the bottles have to be obscured to avoid any UV light getting in as it would cure them.

Gel polish manufacturers have a variety of ways that they use to show what the colours of the polishes are. Gelish bottles have a small window, whereas others have coloured bottles or coloured labels. But it’s still quite difficult to quickly find the colour you want. These nail rings solve that issue very neatly.

Lady Queen nail pLady Queen nail pops on gel nail polish bottlesops
Lady Queen nail pops on gel nail polish bottles

I do have some gel polishes without slim-necked bottle lids – like my Bundle Monster gels, for example. But all the others can take these nail pops very easily.

I just paint with gel polish and then cure the nail pops, before clipping them onto the bottle lids. There are 50 in a pack, but I only have 19 bottles of gel polish that can use these, so they’ll last a good while yet. Not that they were expensive anyway.

Lady Queen nail pops
Lady Queen nail pops
15% off at Lady Queen - use code KBLC15

You can buy these nail pops from Lady Queen. They are currently $3.17 / £2.04. Mine took around 3-5 weeks to arrive, as they come from the Far East, but delivery is free.

They supply a range of nail art items and you can also get 15% off with my code: KBLC15.





For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Lady Queen nail pops, painted with a variety of gel nail polishes and top coat

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