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My 24 favourite nail art manicures of 2014

Last year I picked my favourite 20 nail art manicures of the year. In trying to do the same for 2014 I couldn’t keep to 20. I chose 24. I don’t think I’ve got that much better, but perhaps what I have done is paint nails that I like and want to wear. I think I painted quite a lot of nail art the previous year just to fit challenge themes. I’ve undoubtedly done that this past year too, but perhaps less so.

Anyway, if you can stick with me through 24 manicures, these are my favourites from this year. (Apologies if you’re viewing this in a reader – I don’t know if it will show up properly or not – you may need to open the actual post).

Click on the image to open and then cycle through them all. And click on the image caption to open the original post for more information.


My ultimate three favourites – in no particular order – are:

  • rainbow gradient mini leopard – it took ages to do and I was really pleased with myself afterwards
  • reverse gradient hearts – I just like these, and they’re quite unique
  • autumnal gradient with leaves – I was pleased with everything about this: the choice of colours, the gradient, the stamping and even the photography – it all turned out brilliantly


The top two most viewed manicures on my blog from last year didn’t make it into my own favourites list. They are these two:

Japanese Kawaii cute animals
Japanese Kawaii (cute) animals
Autumnal stripes
Autumnal stripes













How about you? Which are your favourites?



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Your reverse gradient hearts still are one of my favorites from you. You seem to take seemingly “simple” nail art and just take it to the next level, I love that about your art. 🙂

Claire Kerr

Thank you Jessica ❤


The Autumnal gradient with leaves is one of my favourites too

Claire Kerr

Thanks Nicola ❤


some of these nail arts look adorable 😉
I loveee them all!

Xx Julia

Claire Kerr

Thanks Julia ❤


For me: mini rainbow gradient, Chanel stamp, mint and grey, Autumn gradient and last but not least, Autumn stripes. Well done Claire, HNY.