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NYK1 Prep&Shine

NYK1 Secrets sent me a sample bottle of their best-selling Prep&Shine product to try out.

It cleans, sanitises, prepares and dehydrates the nail prior to nail treatments. Typically, this is for gel and acrylic treatments, but it’s apparently good for all types of nail treatments, including nail polish, as it ensures good adhesion.

I normally use acetone in a final swipe of the nail to make certain that it’s free from oil and moisture. However, what I like about Prep&Shine is that it not only dehydrates the nail, but it also kills germs. I’ve had nail fungus on my toenails and it’s something I don’t want on my fingernails, so I have been loving using this product for that reason alone.

A tiny bit goes a long way, and I’ve been using this before all my manicures now to ensure that my base coat adheres well to the natural nail. I can’t say for sure how well it’s done as I’ve not tested it in any formal way, but my manicures have certainly lasted well, so I think it’s lived up to its claims.

NYK1 Secrets Prep&Shine
NYK1 Secrets Prep&Shine

It’s also very good for cleaning brushes without ruining them.  Acetone and normal polish remover can both damage brushes, taking away the natural shine from real bristles, and melting synthetic bristles. I’ve not used my nail art brushes since receiving this sample, but I’ll definitely be cleaning them in Prep&Shine from now on.

Finally, Prep&Shine can apparently dilute regular polish if it’s starting to get a bit thick. Just adding a few drops to the bottle will bring it back to life. I’m not sure about this one. Well, I’m sure it would work, but the product smells a little like TCP, and that’s not a smell I’d like added to my polish personally. And anyway, I already have a nice big bottle of nail thinner.

This product is primarily made for removing the sticky residue that’s present after curing a gel nail polish under a UV lamp. I don’t have any gel nail polishes – nor even a lamp – but it’s something I would love to try some day.

However, its benefits of sanitising brushes and dehydrating the nail plate prior to polishing are good enough for me. And the 30ml bottle looks like it will last for ages. It costs just £5.95, with free mainland UK delivery. I checked out the reviews on Amazon, and they are really great, with most reviewers giving the product 5 stars.

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