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60s Psychedelic Swirls Skittle (52 Week Challenge)

The themes this week in the 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge are ’60s and matte/texture. I’ve gone with the ’60s. I have been trying to combine two prompts if possible, but I couldn’t bear to mattify these 60s psychedelic swirls, so left them glossy.

These are done using the dry marble / needle drag technique, as inspired by a fairly recent manicure by @sevta_sanders on Instagram (although I’ve done this differently to hers). I painted a thickish coat of base coat first, then immediately lightly placed a wide stripe of the other colour down the middle of my nail. Then with my smallest dotting tool – the one that’s practically a point – I pulled through the polish, circling from the outside inwards to the centre. I had to work quickly to get this look, and I re-did the blue and orange one about five times before I was happy! Also, because I could only do one base coat, I chose Barry M polishes, which are pretty opaque, especially the Gellys.

I am actually a child of the sixties, but I wasn’t really old enough during the decade to know if this look is right or not. Are they fab, cool, far out, hip and groovy enough do you think?

60s psychedelic swirls skittle
60s psychedelic swirls skittle using Barry M polishes



52 week challenge


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Index: Barry M Bright Purple and Barry M Lemon Ice Cream
  • Middle: Barry M Pink Punch and Barry M Cyan Blue
  • Ring: Barry M Blood Orange and Barry M Key Lime
  • Little: Barry M Damson and Barry M Mango
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.




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These are brilliant, love the swirl and definitely right not to matte 🙂

Claire Kerr

Thanks Lynn. I wasn’t sure about them at first – I think because they were all different colours, and therefore quite garish – but I received lots of positive comments about them, so my opinion changed as I wore them!


These are far out. I especially love the purple and gold finger. Just to mention, I’ve seen this same technique done with the base color given one thin, smooth coat allowed to dry. Then the second layer of base color is done thickly, as you did, and the color to be marbled in right on top of that. This allows for the base color to not leave any bald spots because of that first dry coat. I’ve dried needle dragging a few times without results as spectacular as these. Thanks for showing this mani!

Claire Kerr

Thanks, Delphi. I’ll bear that in mind for future needle drag manicures, so that it’s not all such a rush. I’ve only actually used this technique once before, and I can’t recall how I did it. Will have to go search my own post.


That’s what happens when you’re versatile at so many techniques. 🙂


wow this nail art looks so special!
I love all the different colors 😉

Thanks for sharing this article and nail art with us 🙂
xx julia

Debbie Crumpet

I absolutely crazy love these. I usually go outwards, but I love the effect you’ve gotten from going inwards, so I’ll be trying that xx

Claire Kerr

Must try going from the inside to the outside some time. I am trying to imagine how it would look different, but it’s making my brain hurt!