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Neon Gradient Skittle

The neon fad kind of passed me by until very recently. I had a few neon polishes, but hadn’t ever worn them. And then I saw a bight, highlighter yellow polish by Jess in Poundland and had to have a range of neon colours immediately!

I bought a green, orange and pink in Claire’s Accessories, and recalled that I already had a blue neon.

So I was set to create a rainbow (ish) gradient look.

After painting a base of white, I sponged on my gradients. The yellow (Jess Sherbet Fizz), orange (Claire’s Stormy Day) and pink (Claire’s Rave) are proper neon colours; bright and fluorescent.

The green (Claire’s Pinball) is described on the bottle as “Neon Fluorescent”, but it absolutely is not neon at all. And the blue is worse. It’s Nails Inc Kensington Park Road, which is labelled on the bottle as a neon, but again just isn’t.

To complete the circular range of colours, my thumbs are blue at the cuticle end and pink at the tips.

My camera couldn’t capture the brightness of the neon, and I tried to photograph them with the help of an ultra violet emulator phone app, but that wasn’t very successful either. So you’ll just have to use your imagination about how bright these are.

Neon rainbow gradient skittle
Neon rainbow gradient skittle nails


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base colour: two coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Pink: Claire’s Rave
  • Orange: Claire’s Stormy Day
  • Yellow: Jess Sherbet Fizz
  • Green: Claire’s Pinball
  • Blue: Nails Inc Kensington Park Road
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.





I think cameras should come with a neon setting, that automatically makes neons look as fabulous as they are in real life. If I was clever enough, I’d invent one.

Claire Kerr

While you’re inventing that, can you also invent a computer monitor that will display in neon too?! 🙂


Super pretty nails!!