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Maybelline Noite de Gal with stencilled French tip accents in Ciaté Sugar Plum

I had no idea what Noite de Gal meant. I presumed it was French, but I got nowhere with that. Google Translate helpfully told me it’s Galician for “night gal”. I’ll go with that (unless anyone can tell me better).

Maybelline Noite de Gal is one of the Color Show polishes. It’s a deep purple, and while the colour is nothing unique, I was very impressed with the quality. It lasted really well and did not chip at all.

After a day or so, I added some French tip accents, in Ciaté Sugar Plum, a pale lilac.

I used some SmART nails stencils. It took me a couple of nails to get the hang of them properly, and even then I was a bit inconsistent with the amount of polish I used. They were pretty straightforward to use and come in lots of different styles. I bought three types, so have some more manicures up my sleeve. Also, if you’re careful with them, they can be reused.

Maybelline Noite de Gal stencil French tips Ciate Sugar Plum
Maybelline Noite de Gal with stencilled French tips using Ciaté Sugar Plum and SMART Nails N056

The SMaRT Nails packaging showed this design used diagonally across the nail, but I thought a French tip was more elegant.


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Maybelline Color Show Noite de Gal
  • Design: stencilled on using SmART Nails N056 and Ciaté Sugar Plum
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

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All manicure images are copyright to Kerruticles unless otherwise mentioned.






Oh I love this, great colour combo and it just looks gorgeous!

Claire Kerr

I loved it too. But it has had to go now 🙁 as I have a challenge to do for tomorrow.


Since you asked…the google translation makes no sense 🙂 It’s probably portuguese (which is very close to galician which is spoken on northern Spain). “Gal” does not mean anything so the name probably is “Noite de Gala” which translates to “Gala Night”…a fitting name for that gorgeous color.

BTW, is it a jelly? It shines like a jelly 🙂

I have to try these stencils, I can stamp ok but my alignment sucks that’s why I stay away from french tip accents…I could never achieve what you did here.


Claire Kerr

Romina, the thing with the stencils is that are see-through, so you can see where you are putting them (although I did do a wonky one on my thumb!)

I’m afraid I am quite useless at knowing when something is a jelly or not :/ It is slightly jelly-like, but only took 2 coats, so more of a creme?? I did photograph it almost immediately after top-coating, so perhaps that’s why it’s shining so much.

I wondered if they had combined two languages and used “gal” as in girl – so perhaps night girl after all??


I was going to say something about Noite Gal but then again Romina just said it all – it was what I was about to say, so thank you, girl 😉
And this mani is pure elegance, Claire. Loving the unique French tip: just the perfect way to revive that beautiful polish **

Claire Kerr

Thanks Mina 🙂

Little Pretty Nails

I love plum polishes and this one is such a beauty 🙂


absolutely love this! that is such a great plum color!


this mani look so delicate and the final result is absolutely gorgeous! 😀



This manicure is amazing. One of my favorites!


Hello Claire,

Noite de gal ??? For Noite, I would tilt for the Galician (mixture of Portuguese and Spanish) spoken in Galicia, province in the Northwest extremity of Spain. For gal, mystery.
As you, I think that there is maybe a play on words with “gal” which could be translated by night of girl or night girl as you think. Unless gal is a diminutive for Galicia and it would be Night of Galicia.
In a way or of other, funny color for night in Galicia or somewhere else.
I’m crazy. I’m French, my English is far from being what it should be and I launch into attempts of translation of a regional language of Spain towards English via French …
To return to the main part there, your manicure is magnificent as usual. As usual also, simple and very elegant, what goes generally together.


Claire Kerr

Merci Claire 🙂