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CND Vinylux Daring Escape

The lovely photographer who took the photo of me that you see on this site is also a qualified CND technician (CND being the people behind Shellac nails). She also uses CND Vinylux, which is like a normal polish, but which has a special top coat that cures gradually in natural light, a bit like a gel polish would cure under a lamp. She very generously treated me to a bottle of colour and top coat to try.

She chose Daring Escape for me. It’s a sometimes-blue-leaning, sometimes-green-leaning teal, with a silver shimmer. I love the colour. It is cold and dusty and I want to call it steel blue, although that would discount the teal-ness of it. Perhaps “steel teal blue” would be right!

As directed, I didn’t use a base coat. That felt strange for me, but as it’s a complete system where the base coat is supposedly built into the polish, I did as I was told! Then I applied two coats of the colour. It was quite thick, but not so thick that application was too difficult. Although it did have a slight tendency to drag if I went over the same spot too much. The second coat went on very well though.

Then I added the top coat, which is advertised as drying in eight and a half minutes. It was certainly dry to the touch after that time. It left a slight rough texture to the nails at first, but as the polish hardened, that diminished.

CND Vinylux Daring Escape manicure
CND Vinylux Daring Escape

This polish is supposed to last a week. I doubt that I’ll keep it on that long. In fact, I still have to do Sunday’s Christmas challenge manicure, so it may well be coming off tomorrow. But so far so good, and that’s after a day of almost constant keyboard work.


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of CND Vinylux Daring Escape
  • Top coat:CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat

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Little Pretty Nails

Wow! These look great 🙂 I love CND products. Such great quality.