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Chanel Magic

I recently had an operation to remove a cyst from the top of my foot. It had been there for more than three years and was increasingly causing me pain and limiting how far I could walk. Despite the hope that I would be able to walk pain-free again, I kind of wish I hadn’t gone ahead with the operation now because it caused a DVT in my calf. So my recovery has been slow and I’m now having to inject anti-coagulants, take Warfarin and have regular blood tests.

All of this had left me immobile, pretty much house-bound and feeling very sorry for myself. My wonderful husband knew just how to cheer me up and came home a couple of days ago with two new Chanel polishes for me. Chanel polish may be expensive, but every single one I’ve tried has really been worth the money. The formula is truly butter-like and the colours are beautiful.

Not only did he treat me to Chanel polishes, they were two on my wishlist, and were ones that I really didn’t think I would ever get hold of. They are Cosmic and Magic, from Vogue’s Fashion Night Out collection. They are limited editions that I just didn’t think would make it into the shops. They weren’t available in a couple of the London shops, but he found them in the New Bond Street store.

So, this is Magic. It’s a deep blue that leans slightly teal. It went on wonderfully and I’m sure I could have got away with just one thick coat, although this is two thin ones.

Chanel Magic nail polish
Chanel Magic



For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Chanel Magic
  • Top coat: Glisten & Glow HK Girl

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Inky Whiskers

You, Claire Dahlings, have got a keeper! I mean your hubs, tho the polish is fab too. Get well soon! <3

Claire Kerr

Yes, he’s definitely a keeper, but shush, don’t tell him that 😉 (It’s OK, he rarely reads my blog!)