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33DC Day 24: Art with the colour you own the most of

Today in the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 33 Day Challenge it’s art with the colour you own the most of. (Ooh, a terminal preposition. The pedant in me would shout “bad grammar”! I’ll let it pass 😉 )

I own more blues than anything else. At current count, 87 of my 393 polishes are blue. That’s 22%. The next colour I have lots of is purple, and I have just 54, so blue wins by quite a margin.

I set out to do a watermarble, but it really didn’t go well and I took it all off again. I was going to my son’s school concert last night, so quickly did a new manicure and chose a new Chanel my husband bought me a couple of days ago, called Magic. It’s a gorgeous, limited edition polish that’s part of the Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013 collection. It’s a deep blue, which has a hint of teal, and so it was perfect as a blue base for something this morning.

I chose finally to do a splatter manicure. I used three polishes on top of my Chanel Magic base:

  • Barry M Turquoise
  • Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl
  • NYC Raindrop (it’s Raindrop ccording to the bottle, or Blue Sky if you go by how it’s labelled on the shelves)
Chanel Magic blue splatter nails
Day 24: art with the colour you own the most of – blue splatter nails using Chanel Magic, Barry M Turquoise, Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl and NYC Raindrop (or Blue Sky!)

I’m very pleased with this. I love doing splatter manicures, but rarely think of doing them. The colours work well together, and (obviously) blue is my favourite colour. My husband did complain though. he said he didn’t spend £18 on a nail olish for me to splatter cheaper stuff all over it! Cheeky beggar!

These manicures are all getting a bit last minute, but at least I now have the weekend to perhaps prepare some in advance.

Crumpet's Nail Tarts 33DC


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Base colour: two coats of Chanel Magic
  • Splatter polishes: NYC Raindrop (or Blue Sky), Rimmel Blue Eyed Girl, Barry M Turquoise
  • Top coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri


Have a look at what everyone else doing the challenge has come up with:

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Nail Polish Society

I love that I can count on you to correct (or at least complain) about the poor grammar. I hope you don’t read my stuff! 😉 Seriously though, I love your mani today! My one complaint is that there aren’t enough pictures!

Claire Kerr

I originally started this blog more as a way of documenting my manicures for myself, so I’ve not really ever thought about doing more than one photo. Plus, it takes an age to get one I like, then crop it and watermark it and resize for the web. I might try to do additional photos in future though (no promises, mind!)

PS – I read all your posts – not sure if you’re a grammar offender or not though! 😉


Love this, I’ve yet to try a splatter type mani, but the more I see, the more I want to!

Claire Kerr

It’s so easy, but gives fab results. Just make sure you tape up your fingers and put down lots of newspaper. Otherwise it gets very messy!


Fantastic result, I like them very much 🙂