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Today there’s something a little different on the blog. It’s still nail polish related, but instead of looking at my polished fingernails, you get to look at my toenails instead!

Mine are not the prettiest of toenails – and I’m generally a feet-hater – but apart from a quick polish every now and then, they don’t usually get much love, so it was nice to pamper them a bit for this review.

Pedi-Sox are unique toe-less socks that you wear when having a pedicure. They keep your feet lovely and toasty while your polish dries, and if you’ve had a professional pedicure, then they help all that lovely massage oil or moisturiser to be absorbed.

Pedi-sox – Pink (Original range)

I’ve been wearing SpaRitual Last Tango on my toenails for the past few months. It’s a coral coloured polish that looks great in the summer, but it was growing out a bit and I also wanted a darker colour for autumn and winter. I decided to stick with SpaRitual and chose to use From The Heart, a lovely deep burgundy red.

I removed the old polish, filed my nails a little and pushed back the cuticles. Then I slipped on some Pedi-Sox before painting my toenails. I chose to wear a pair called hearts Of Love from the Ultra range. After the pedicure, I really started to feel the benefit of the Pedi-Sox. As you can see from my photo, I have hard wooden flooring in my office and the socks kept my feet warm and comfortable.

I did this pedicure a little while ago, in anticipation of having my foot operated on yesterday. I had to remove all my polish for the op and now have a pedicure made up of iodine and blood! I’m looking forward to being mobile enough to be able to do my toenails again though.

Feet in PediSox
Pedi-Sox in use – these are Hearts of Love from the Ultra range

I love these. I think they’d be fantastic for any salon that provides pedicures – either as an item that they can sell, and use to generate additional income, or as a free gift given away as part of the pedicure package.

In the UK they can be bought from Only Fingers And Toes. I can’t see that they’re available online as yet, but you can phone them to purchase or drop into their spa (which, I realise, is just around the corner from me!) If you’re in the US, you can buy from the Pedi-Sox website.


For this manicure I’ve used:

  • Toenail colour: two coats of SpaRitual From The Heart
  • Socks: Pedi-Sox Hearts of Love (Ultra range)


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I love these, what a great gift idea!


These are very cute and that’s a great toenail color :). I hope your foot feels better soon!

Inky Whiskers

Feet are what they are, but at least we can pretty them up a bit & yours look lovely! Pedi-Sox are also great to wear with thong sandals (flip flops) if your feet are cold, but not so much you want full socks & shoes.