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How to make your own cuticle oil

I’ve been making and using my own cuticle oil for some time now. It’s easy to do, and works out far cheaper than buying commercially made oil. Plus, because of the ingredients, it’s actually better too. I thought some of you might want to know how to make it, so I’ve put this guide together.

I’ve linked to the supplier I’ve used, but you may be able to find others that sell the same things.


Making cuticle oil: what you need

  • A bottle
  • Some oil
  • Some fragrance
How to make your own cuticle oil
My cuticle oil in its bottle (left) and jojoba oil and lime essential oil.

All of my supplies come from Naturallythinking, an online aromatherapy shop, but if you don’t want to use them you can probably find similar shops or suppliers.


The bottle

Blue glass bottle

I bought a 10ml, blue glass bottle for 20p. They also come in amber and green.


Then I added a glass pipette dropper lid, which cost 25p.


The oil

Jojoba oil

I bought 100ml of organic jojoba carrier oil for £7.00 – you can also buy non-organic for £5.00. Jojoba oil isn’t truly an oil – instead it’s what’s known as a wax ester – but at room temperature, it looks and behaves like an oil. It is very similar in properties to sebum, our body’s natural oil, and so it absorbs really easily into the skin and moisturises and softens the cuticles. It works far better than other oils, which due to their larger molecule size, have difficulty penetrating the skin.


The fragrance

Bergamot essential oil

Lime essential oil

You could just use the jojoba oil on its own, but I like to add some fragrance. To a (just under) 10ml bottle of jojoba oil, I typically add two drops of lime essential oil (£3.40) and three drops of bergamot essential oil (£3.40). But there are all sorts of fragrances available and if you’re into aromatherapy you can probably come up with some better fragrance mixtures than me.


The total cost

So, my total cost was £14.25. But if you buy non-organic oil and just one essential oil, it could cost you as little as  £8.85. I was lucky to find out that the shop is close to me, and I could order online and then collect, so I didn’t have to pay for delivery, which usually costs £3.95. Even with shipping, it’s a total cost of £12.80 to £18.20. And that’s enough oil and essential oil for ten bottles’ worth of home-made cuticle oil. So less than £2 a bottle. Bargain!

Actually, with the low cost of the bottles, I should really have bought several bottles and lids – then I could have one at home, one in the car, one in the office …



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Product images are courtesy of and copyright to Naturallythinking.
All other images are copyright to Kerruticles.






Squeaky Q

Ooh this is a great idea! I love the idea of being able to choose my own scents, I’d probably go crazy and mix up a whole bunch of them, haha.
Thanks for sharing!

Claire Kerr

There are lots of ideas to be found on the internet – search for “aromatherapy recipes”.

Inky Whiskers

Great minds think alike!

I do this too & what a difference it makes, both in price & absorbsion! I started with various bottles of different cuticle oils & then started adding other oils (like jojoba & lavender essential). It’s not hard to do & it smells yummy.

Claire Kerr

I wish I could be better at identifying smells. I love the smell of Dadi’Oil and wish I knew what the fragrances in it were so that I could recreate it.

Inky Whiskers

Some times companies list that info on their websites & sometimes bloggers get that info or figure it out then post it. You could try a search & see what you find?