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Nelly Polish Mena

This polish is a worldwide first. It’s truly innovative and very exciting.

Invented by Hilary Tunley, this is the world’s first dried nail polish.  Hilary’s “Nelly Mixture” comprises the natural pigments, glitters, mixing balls and suspension ingredient. To turn these into one of her polishes, you simply add them to an ordinary bottle of clear nail polish and shake.

Hilary’s invention is a perfect solution to the UK’s recently introduced restrictions on posting nail polish. She provides  the custom ingredients, which are perfectly safe and legal to post worldwide, along with a bottle to make the polish (if you like). All you have to do is provide 10ml of clear nail polish. Hilary says the idea came to her when she realised that its only the solvent part of nail polish that the Royal Mail objects to.

Mena is from her first collection of six polishes, called The Fungooms. All the polishes are named after the characters in her husband Ned’s website aimed at toddlers. They’re also all names of places in Cornwall.

Nelly Polish Mena
Nelly Polish Mena

It’s a black jelly polish with lavender holographic glitter in two sizes, plus some medium silver glitters. The holo glitter flashes red, blue purple and pink (no green that I could see … a bonus!). I used two thin coats over a base of black. The polish dried matte, but I was expecting that. It’s apparently due to the natural pigments in it. Some top coat gave it a beautiful shine.

I love Mena. The black gives it a classy look, but the glitters give it just enough of a subtle edge to make a statement that you’re wearing something different on your nails.

Hilary has an Etsy shop where you buy her Nelly Polish. You can buy the mixture only at £4; the mixture plus an empty bottle for £5; or a made up bottle for £6.50. Only the made up bottles can be shipped in the UK, but the other packages ship worldwide.

What a great idea. I do hope she’s patented it!


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Undies: one coat of W7 Black
  • Colour: two coats of Nelly Polish Mena
  • Top coat: Seche Vite

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Xin Yu

I really like the concept behind this! Now I need to hunt up some clear nail polishes…

Inky Whiskers

Flippin’ BRILLIANT!!! Your nails look fabulous & thank you SO much for sharing this, Claire! <3