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New Chanel L’Été Papillon Summer 2013 collection

The new Summer 2013 collection from Chanel, L’Été Papillon, launches next Friday 31st May in the UK. It launched at the Covent Garden pop up store a week early, and my lovely husband, who collected Malice for me from there last week, had pre-ordered these three for me as an early anniversary present. True love, eh, even after 16 years!

I love each of these so much. I love Chanel polish anyway. The formula is always perfect and there’s also something very classy about it. Obviously that’s due to the brand image and the correspondingly high price. At £18 each, I’m glad they don’t bring out too many polishes every year!

New Chanel L'Été Papillon Summer 2013 collection
New Chanel L’Été Papillon Summer 2013 collection: Lilis, Azuré and Bel-Argus

These are each named – or partly named – after butterflies, hence the “papillon” in the collection name:

Lilis is a coral creme. It is a perfect coral colour and so right for summer. I will love wearing this one.

Azuré is a duochrome that goes from teal to blue. Gorgeous and shimmery, it is a perfect colour for mermaid or peacock manicures.

Bel-Argus is a metallic cobalt blue, and in the bottle is my favourite of three. We’ll have to see how they shape up on the nail when I get around to wearing them.




Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful gift! I love Azure (got mine in Holland) and cannot wait to get the other three. Looking forward to your posts on these, Chanel is my all time favourite polish 🙂

Claire Kerr

I’ve just read your review of Azuré (I’m about four days behind in reading my blogs!!) – it looks lovely on. I think Bel-Argus will probably make it to my nails first though.