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Glitter gradient with Revlon Bewitching and Claire’s Beige Glitter

I had some pretty bad tip wear on my nails and wanted to cover it up rather than do a whole new manicure, so I thought I’d do a glitter gradient.

I’ve used a gold glitter from Claire’s. Now Claire’s don’t put the names of their polishes on their bottles – which really bugs me. But I’ve worked out that when you buy the polish, the name – or an abbreviation of it – is on the receipt. This apparently is Beige Glitter. There’s not much that’s beige about it though. To me it’s a pale gold, or a brass colour.

It has medium brass hexes, smaller brass glitters and teeny tiny, rarely spotted red particles. The combination with the deep raspberry of Bewitching gives it a real Yuletide feel – Christmas in spring!

Glitter gradient Revlon Bewitching and Claire's Beige Glitter Gold
Glitter gradient using Revlon Bewitching and Claire’s Beige Glitter

Didn’t manage to cover up all of that tip wear, either!


For this manicure I’ve used:
  • Colour: two coats of Revlon Bewitching
  • Intermediate top coat: Seche Vite
  • Glitter: Claire’s Beige Glitter
  • Top coat: No. 7 Stay Perfect

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Additives are great and that looks so pretty, you should start from scratch and get the complete polished look. How long had you had the Raspberry on for?

Claire Kerr

For four days, I think. So no wonder it was getting a bit worn.